Chris Penttila

Chris Penttila is a Washington, DC-based freelance journalist who covers workplace issues on her blog,

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Hiring Center

Intern Burn

Hired the ultimate intern from hell? Here's how to avoid making the same mistake twice.
Selling Online

eBay Made Easy

Intimidated by eBay? Don't be. For nearly half a million entrepreneurs, it's a great place to build a business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Management Buzz 10/04

Business plans and game plans, define your brand and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Train, No Gain?

You've invested a lot in training your employees, so see if you're getting what you paid for.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Time's Up

New laws tell you who gets overtime--and who doesn't.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Heart of Gold

Nonprofits are reaping the rewards of starting for-profit ventures.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Domestic Dispute

The debate over benefits for same-sex couples heats up.
Managing Employees

Separation Anxiety

Don't worry if you have an employee who's not a team player--it is possible to deal with loners in a way that makes everyone happy.

Magic Markets

Learn the tricks for getting in tune with today's 5 hottest consumer markets--and watch as your profits begin to levitate.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Crisis Mode

Economic crises are trickling down to entrepreneurs. How are they fighting back?

Setting Sale

Is your business anchored down by a stale sales plan? Learn how to navigate the 5 biggest sales challenges facing entrepreneurs today, and get back on course.
Hiring Center

This Is a Test

Just how effective are puzzle interviews when it comes to singling out the best candidates for a job?
Entrepreneur Magazine

In Vain?

What does the future hold for the once-hot metrosexual?
Hiring Center

Here to Stay

When you're looking for new hires, temps may not be as temporary as you might think.
Evaluating Your Idea

Hit or Miss

Jumping on a hot trend at just the right time can be a great way to launch a business. But how can you tell if a trend has enough staying power to stake your startup on it?

Taking It Personally

Consumers want to make their mark—in more ways than one.
Learning to Lead

Learning From Your Employees

You may be the boss, but that doesn't mean you can't let your employees teach you a thing or two.
Human Resources

Talent Scouting

Employees' hidden star qualities might be just the thing to put your business's name in lights.
Managing Employees

Out With the "In"

If you want happy, harmonious employees, it's time to kick those workplace cliques to the curb.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Status Woe

Contractors' illegal workers could put you in a legal pickle.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Age Rage

Younger employees are crying age discrimination.

Battle of the Brand

Is image really everything when it comes to your business? Listen as entrepreneurs and experts sound off about whether branding is crucial for success, then decide for yourself.
Motivation and Retention

Otherwise Engaged

Get blase employees motivated about their jobs, and they'll really take care of business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

New Arrivals?

Signs of recovery have some businesses hiring.
Compensation and Benefits

Got It Covered

If you can't afford to offer employee benefits on your own, why not join forces with a PEO?
Hiring Center

Testing the Waters

Want to get an idea of how prospective employees may perform on the job? Use a situational interview, and take them on a test run.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Out With the Old . . . ?

Chambers of commerce will have to rethink their programs-or risk losing Gen X entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Show of Good Faith

It's more important than ever to show customers you'll keep their information private.
Managing Employees

An Art in Itself

Managing your creative employees can be a challenge, but doing it well is crucial to your business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Get Talking

Make no mistake about it: When it comes to employee relations, silence is not golden.

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