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Starting a Business

Teaming Up for Success

Get your product into the hands of consumers by forming alliances with the right people.
Protecting Your Idea

Best Defense

Protecting your intellectual property
Product Development

Lookin' Good

Giving your products visual impact
Distribution and Licensing

Beam Me Up

Companies that can help you get your product onto direct-response TV stations and into retail stores
Cash Flow & Money Management

Developing a Great Business Model

Determine whether your business will succeed by evaluating these six aspects.
Protecting Your Idea

Mum's The Word

Keeping your idea confidential
Distribution and Licensing

Put a Lid on It!

An infomercial for this inventor's snappy new food containers helped her seal the deal with a large retailer.
Product Development

Doctor's Orders

Getting the FDA to give your medical invention the thumbs up can be a challenge, so follow this prescription for approval.

Bright Idea: Product Launch Success Story

This entrepreneur knew her mood-enhancing light bulbs would sell, but she had to convince retailers. How she did it.
Entrepreneur Magazine

In the Mood

Warm retailers up to your new product, even if it's in a category all its own.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

If You Build It...

Will they come? If you think your invention could be the foundation for a business, here's how to make the leap.

Your Product at Wal-Mart?

This independent inventor got her product noticed by major retailers and won big. Here's how she did it.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Join Hands

Pair an inventor's idea with your business know-how, and get ready for success.

Launch Your Invention as a Joint Venture

Two heads are better than one, so why not use a joint venture to get your invention off the ground?

Inventive Partnership

You've got the brains, but you need a product with brawn. Try pairing an inventor's idea with your biz know-how.

Pet Project: Learning From a Product Launch Success

This former veterinarian wowed major pet-product retailers and got her invention on their shelves. Here's how.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Mass Appeal

A local buying program could be the key to getting your product on the shelves of major merchandisers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tool Time

How one entrepreneur built a better screwdriver--and used smart networking to get it into Sears stores nationwide

Tool Time Product Launch

How one entrepreneur built a better screwdriver and used smart networking to get it placed on the shelves of Sears.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Original Win

Learn how to respond to knockoffs so you can put your product back on top.

Pet Project

How one former veterinarian wowed major pet-product retailers--and got her invention on their shelves

Mail Call

Mail order catalogs can be a startup inventor's surefire route to success.

Top Honors

Winning a contest can catapult your invention into the mainstream.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Brand Aid

How building your brand and expanding your line can be the key to your success
Entrepreneur Magazine

Breaking the Ice

Want skeptical customers to warm up to your product? Here's the scoop on how to win them over.

Come Together

Two heads are better than one, so why not use a joint venture to get your invention off the ground?
Distribution and Licensing

Taking License

It pays to do your homework before signing a licensing agreement.

Taking Advantage of a Neglected Niche

Find out how smart partnering transformed this lone inventor into a market force to be reckoned with.

The Secrets of a Successful Product Launch

Want to break into a market full of competitors? No matter how crowded the field, you can still leap way out in front.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Write Stuff

Entrepreneurs find success with a new take on a familiar product.
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