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Distribution and Licensing

Breath of Fresh Air

How do you sell buyers on an invention that creates a new product category?
Product Development

Recipe for Success

Smart partnering can transform a lone inventor into a market force.
Distribution and Licensing

Private Matters

Can't get big merchants to notice you? Private-label sales may be a good way to get your invention on store shelves.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Flight of Fancy?

Launching a high-tech product can be a technical and financial challenge. Try these tips to get yours off the ground.
Marketing Your Invention

All Fired Up

With the right marketing plan, your product will blaze trails across the globe.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Spread It Around

Find the best way to distribute your product, and you'll rake in the profits.
Marketing Your Invention

Make Your Mark

Want to break into a market overrun with competitors? No matter how crowded the field, you can still come out in front.
Product Development

Startup Capital for Investors

How to raise the cash you need to boost your product off the ground
Product Development

Sky's the Limit

Think your product has limited appeal? It may have more potential than you know.
Product Development

The Cost Is Clear

Or is it? Keep manufacturing costs in check so you can compete with the big names.

Keep It Simple

You don't need a mammoth staff or an elaborate office to make millions from your invention.

A Fair to Remember

Exhibiting at a trade show or fair can make your new product unforgettable-if you do it right.

Waking Up a Tired Idea

How you can revolutionize a stagnant product on a limited budget and still win over your target market
Marketing Your Invention

The Big Picture

The right licensing agreement can be the missing piece of the big-business puzzle.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wise Up!

When it comes to inventing a successful product, experience may be your best asset.

All Systems Go

Here's how to get sales of your new product off the ground, using the Internet as your launching pad.
Protecting Your Idea

Send in the Clones

Will competitors' knockoffs destroy your products' edge? Not if you don't let them.
Marketing Your Invention

Less Is More

Believe it or not, setting your sights a little lower could be the key to marketing your new product.
Marketing Your Invention

Finning the Flames

With a flash of creativity, you can swim circles around the competition.
Marketing Your Invention

A Novel Dilemma

To reach potential customers with an avant-garde product, you'll need to have a few tricks up your sleeve.
Distribution and Licensing

Let's Make a Deal

Licensing your idea to a bigger company can mean fewer hassles--and a lot more money in your pocket.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Join the Club

Launching your first product? Get by with a little help from your friends at an inventors' group.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lights, Camera, Action

Airtime on home shopping networks gives your product a big boost.

Play Your Cards Right

Presenting a case study in striking the best deals to launch your own great product on a limited budget

Seller's Market

Don't want to leave the selling of your product up to a licensee? Do it yourself on commission.

Got a New Idea?

If the answer is "not really," don't worry; just buy the rights to someone else's invention and reap the profits. Now that's a bright idea.
Entrepreneur Magazine

One of a Kind?

Make your product conform to break away from the norm.

Notions in Motion

Itching to turn an idea into reality? You've got to answer the call and take charge to make it happen.
Distribution and Licensing

The Bigger, the Better

If you need quick cash flow to stay in business—and who doesn't?—skip the small retailers and go straight for companies that buy in bulk.

Lighting the Way

In the dark because your oddball product doesn't fit with buyers? There is success at the end of the tunnel.

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