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A Sharp Opener

In sales-letter writing, it's the most important weapon for capturing your reader's attention.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Let Them Eat.

The right buzzwords can whet consumer appetite for your product.
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Muse, No Fuse!

Wanna' sell units? Make ads that promise to whisk away life's more odious tasks.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Eliminate some of your ad's excesses, and it can garner more attention.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ink Different

If your product isn't selling, then draw it a new image.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Make A Splash

A name like the Toilet-Seat Light can have Thomas Edison rolling in his grave, but it can't sell a product on its own.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Once Upon A Time

Share your success story, no matter how small the window of opportunity.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Head Games

Your prospects' own thoughts are potent headline material.
Entrepreneur Magazine

`Toon It Up

Tired of the same old ad? Draw on cartoons to add some character.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Hidden Treasure

Your best possible headline may lay unnoticed--seek it out.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Scare With Flair

Using fear to flag down prospects.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Says Who?

Your claims are most persuasive coming from the mouths of happy customers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The `WOW' Factor

How do you sell a great gift idea? Enthusiasm!
Entrepreneur Magazine


Work magic with a testimonial headline.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Command Performance

Ask prospects to take action, and guess what? They just might.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Heads Up!

For some ads, it's no guts, no glory.
Entrepreneur Magazine

All The Raves

A customer's praise could be your flier's best headline.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Scents & Sensibility

Seeing isn't always believing. Get your prospects' attention by engaging their other senses.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's In A Name?

It depends. If your company's name doesn't describe the product or service you provide, it shouldn't be the focus of your advertising.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fishing For Ideas

Seeking inspiration for lively ad copy? Try hitting the newsstand.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Site Unseen?

If your Web site gets more misses than hits, the hang-up may be your home page.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Dare To Compare

Create persuasive advertising by revealing how your product beats the competition's.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Personal Touch

If you want to improve results from your sales letters, try some good,old-fashioned charm.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Famous First Words

Three, two, one. That's how much time you have to make a good first impression in advertising--so choose your words wisely.
Entrepreneur Magazine

How To . . .

The phrase that's launched a million ads still reels prospects in.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Have A Heart

Don't be afraid to get a little emotional in your ads.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Classic Lines

Like a good novel, your slogan needs substance if you expect it to stand the test of time and move your product out the door.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Name Game

How can you spice up your ads without sensationalizing them? Simple. Just drop a name or two.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Young Blood

Meet a future inductee of the Copywriter's Hall of Fame.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Secret's Out

The one marketing rule you absolutely must know for the new millenium.

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