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Memory Lane

Ads infused with nostalgia drive customers your way.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Slogan's Heroes

Create a tag line that stands out from the competition.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Borrowing Brilliance

A "swipe file" helps you generate good ideas.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Seal the Deal

What can you say to make prospects say yes?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ain't It Clever?

Spark your marketing genius by reading about what other innovative entrepreneurs are up to.
Ads by Type

Keep It Simple

The most effective ad copywriting gets right to the point.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bright Ideas

Spark your marketing genius by reading what other innovative entrepreneurs are up to.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lay it on the Line

If you want your e-mail to get opened, craft a compelling subject line.
Entrepreneur Magazine

First Impressions

An intriguing introduction keeps potential customers from skipping your ad.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Spread the Word

Get customers talking, and they'll do your advertising for you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Duck Season

What the AFLAC duck can teach you about getting your message into the minds of prospects
Entrepreneur Magazine

Twin Picks

Dare your audience to compare, and your product is sure to get a lot of attention. Here's how to pull off a great side-by-side comparison ad.
Ads by Type

Take the Plunge

Contrary to popular belief, you use "bad news" to create a successful advertisement. Find out how it's done.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Funny Business

No ifs, ands or buts: playful visuals, paired with copy promoting your selling points, add up to a standout advertisement.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Required Reading

Who says you can't judge a book by its cover? Book jackets can make or break sales--so why not use them to inspire your advertising efforts?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Size Matters

Does your product jam a lot of benefits into a small package? Here's how to sell it.
Entrepreneur Magazine

In a Nutshell

Something as unexpected as a talking almond could be just what you need to catch the reader's eye.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Give a Little

Make your prospects an offer they can't refuse--a little something for nothing.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Double Play

Combining print with streaming video could be the hook you need to make your online ads more effective.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Quick Study

When you need to capture your prospects' attention in the blink of an eye, remember: less is more.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Against the Tide

To grab attention in a crowded marketplace, try breaking away from the pack with an understated ad.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Getting Physical

An ad inviting prospects to interact with the publication in which it appears can really grab attention.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Claim to Fame

Is your product or service claim as provocative as it could be? Find out how to make yours unforgettable.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Measuring Up

Side-by-side comparison ads can persuade prospects to buy in the blink of an eye.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Pack a Punch

Serving up "bursts" of copy with your ads can attract impatient, time-starved readers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

In Your Face

Cross your fingers, hold your breath . . . and put out ads with no holds barred.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Just Teasing

Refusing to give your prospects the whole story at once is a surefire way to pique their curiosity.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Hard Sell

How can you convince your tradition-bound prospects to make the switch to e-commerce?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Head Long

Is it too much of a stretch to get your prospect to read a headline the length of your arm?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Talking Heads

Your prospects may be all grown-up, but comic-book-style word balloons still make them stop and stare.

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