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Home Sweet Home

Think it's time to move into an office? Use this checklist to see if you've outgrown your homebased business.
Home Based Legal Startup

Your Homebased Business' Structure

Follow these tips to decide which business structure is best for your homebased business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Love and Business?

Following these four tips can help spouses run a business without ruining their marriage.
Home Based Business

To Your Health

Starting up? Here's where to begin when getting health insurance for yourself and your employees.
Business Ideas

Food for Thought

How to stay on the right legal track when starting an organic food business

2005's Top Five Homebased Business Opportunities

Interested in launching a biz from home? Check out our picks for this year's hottest homebased biz concepts.
Home Based Basics

Should You Tell Clients You Work From Home?

Find out why having a homebased business may not be the liability some think it is.
Home Based Business

Legal Issues

Make sure to answer these three legal questions when starting a homebased business.
Home Based Ideas

Starting a Creativity Consultant Business

Like thinking outside the box? Then perhaps you're suited for a job that helps companies and individuals think and work more innovatively.
Finding Ideas

Go Rural

It is possible to start a business in a small community.
Home Based Business

Dealing With the Unexpected

You thought you knew what working from home would be like--until you came face to face with problems you hadn't planned on. Here's what you can do to solve your homebased dilemmas.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Finding Contract Work Online

Follow these five tips to make freelance bidding sites work for you.
Home Based Business

Making Home Work

What's the best way to balance your homebased business and your family life? Start by figuring out your style.
Home Based Business

Babies on Board

Can you take care of baby and business at the same time?
Home Based Business

Combating Your Homebased Loneliness

Just because you work alone doesn't mean you need to be lonely. Here are some tips for connecting with business and social contacts.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Full Disclosure?

When to tell customers you work from your home

Home Biz Warehouse

If you keep inventory for your home biz, you must understand local zoning laws. Here are some problem-solving ideas.

Separating Your Home From Your Home Office

Can't keep your home out of your home office? These eight tips will help you consider the legal and practical issues.

Hiring a Web Designer

Don't know the difference between HTML and a URL? Here's what to think about when hiring a Web designer.

Health Insurance for Homebased Business Owners

On the hunt for health insurance? Our experts reveal several options for the self-employed.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Property Reassessment

Is the lease up on this apartment-based business?
Home Based Business

Finding Administrative Help

If your one-man show could use a little help, check out these five sources for clerical assistance that won't break the bank.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Change of Location

Will a new neighborhood be a good market for your business?
How-To Guides for Home Based Businesses

Shipping Products From Home

If your homebased business involves shipping products to your customers, these tips will help you set up a system that works for you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

More Than a Sitter

What to know before starting a child-care business

Walking the Wire

Tempted to forgo insurance because you're a startup? Think twice. It is possible to get the protection you need.
Home Based Business

Price Check

Getting business information from competitors
Home Based Ideas

Starting a Tutoring Service

Put your skills and talents to work by teaching others how to do what you're best at.
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Such Thing as Free Money?

Will your wish for free money be granted? Don't count on it.
Home Based Ideas

Starting a Business as a Security Specialist

This growing field may be a safe choice to launch a new business--if you've got the experience to back it up.

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