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Off Broadway

Employees bring an artistic sensibility to a new york city cleaning company.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Spreading the News

Innovative advertising is catching the eye of both consumers and franchisees.
Franchise Zone

The Life of a Serial Franchisor

Martin Sprock has established a big name for himself in the fast-casual restaurant industry. Now he talks candidly about his strategies for success.
Franchise Buying Guide

Spreading the News: 6 Sales and Marketing Opportunities

If you're tired of selling for someone else, break out on your own with these innovative franchise concepts.

On the Run

Pushing limits in business and life keeps the ultramarathon man going.
Self-Financing Your Startup


Can your retirement savings help solve your financing problems?
Success Stories

Pushing the Limit

Babies give mothers the runaround in this fitness class on wheels.
Success Stories

Welcome Wagon

This homegrown entrepreneur welcomes newcomers to her town.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Cutting Edge

A diamond manufacturer is crafting new uses for an age-old treasure.
More Profiles

Learning From the Best

Good: Learning best business practices by working for a legendary company. Better: Applying that knowledge to a business of your own.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Can You See It Now?

Turning cell phone screens into tiny TVs has become big business for this pair.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Getting Personal

Want devoted customers? Don't just sell them a product--make an impact on their lives.

What's Hot: Do-It-Yourself Meal Preparation Businesses

The kitchen is where all the action's at with these deliciously simple do-it-yourself meal preparation businesses.
Franchise Zone

What Franchisors Want in a Franchisee

Three franchisors reveal what they look for in their franchisees.
Success Stories

Life Is What You Make It

An entrepreneur basks in his newfound freedom by building an ATM empire.
Success Stories

Right of Fashion

This style trailblazer brought her small-town boutique to the big city.
Success Stories

Stress Relief

An enterprising entrepreneur makes rest and relaxation her business.
Success Stories

Building Permitted

Constructing a new life from the ground up

Martha Stewart's Winning Apprentice

Dawna Stone beat out 15 other people for a top spot at Martha Stewart's company. Here's the inside scoop from Stone on her 13-week interview.
Food Business Profiles

Salad Daze

Upping the ante of the traditional salad bar, these entrepreneurs let you create your healthy lunch online.
Franchise Buying Guide

In the Know

Looking for a franchise forecast? Your search ends here, as we predict what will break on franchising's horizon in 2006.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Not On His Watch

He may be young, but his computer-monitoring software is wise beyond its years.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Hear and Now

Creative marketing catapulted his album from sleeper to bestseller.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Golden Ticket

Can a franchise hold the key to your dreams? Meet 3 people who took a chance on franchising and changed their lives.
Success Stories

Nest Practices

Cracking the organic market at the right time was key to this egg farmer's success.
Success Stories

Keeping an Eye on the Media

This entrepreneur turned an adrenaline rush into a thriving business.
Success Stories

Karate Kids

This former ballerina and stunt woman has turned her love of martial arts into an empire.
Success Stories

The Art of Coffee

These entrepreneurs have risen above the competition by creating art out of lattes.
Success Stories

Locals Only

Selling locally handcrafted furniture online has helped these furniture entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd.
Franchise Buying Guide

Pushing Forward

Is enough being done in the franchise industry to encourage diversity? An expert has his say.
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