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Board Relations

When investors ask for a board seat, weigh your options before pulling out the leather chair.
October 15, 2008 in Financing
Creating a Concise Message for Your BusinessPlay Video

Creating a Concise Message for Your Business (Video)

Kevin Trosian, founder of Tower 12 Strategy Consulting, talks about the importance of "White Papers" and when and how an entrepreneur should pursue investors.
October 7, 2008 in Financing
Finding Investors for Your BusinessPlay Video

Finding Investors for Your Business (Video)

Stephanie Granato, partner at Granato Law Office, explains how new businesses can approach investors and raise capital.
October 7, 2008 in Financing

Community Development Financial Institutions

Loans for businesses that can't get loans
September 9, 2008 in Financing

What's My Company Worth?

The art and science behind early-stage company valuation
June 23, 2008 in Financing

Business Loans Get Personal

As credit tightens, entrepreneurs are seeking alternative funding methods through social lending.
March 19, 2008 in Financing

Startup Financing During the Credit Crunch

Creativity goes a long way when it comes to financing your startup during tough economic times.
February 28, 2008 in Financing

Speaking From Experience

Women navigating the VC process reveal their errors and offer advice for procuring investment dollars.
January 11, 2008 in Venture Capital

A Good Place to Be an Entrepreneur

California continues improving its business environment by focusing on entrepreneurial concerns and what the state can do to help.
November 26, 2007 in Financing

When Investors Join Your Board

Check out these tips for creating a board when raising money for your startup.
October 31, 2007 in Financing

The 6 Biggest Mistakes in Raising Startup Capital

Avoid these traps to increase your chances of securing funding and keeping investors happy.
September 20, 2007 in Financing

Deadly Legal Mistakes

When raising early-stage investment capital, avoid these errors that could lead to the death of your company.
September 14, 2007 in Financing

Funding Capital-Intensive Companies

Reducing your company's pre-money valuation can make it more attractive to potential investors. Here's how to do it.
August 31, 2007 in Financing

What is Sweat Equity Worth?

Determining how to value sweat equity is key when negotiating with investors and employees.
July 31, 2007 in Financing

How Do Investors Make Money?

Learning how returns are allocated among the key players could increase your chances for funding.
June 25, 2007 in Financing

Pursuing Venture Capital

Determine whether you're a good candidate for institutional VC funding.
June 20, 2007 in Venture Capital

What Exactly is an Investment Banker?

Find out how investment bankers differ from other funding sources and what they can do for your business.
June 12, 2007 in Financing

Raise Money Using a Self-Directed IRA

This clever twist on retirement fund investing could draw the patient investors business owners love.
May 11, 2007 in Financing

Keep Your Second Round of Financing in Mind

When raising your first round of financing, be sure to protect your early investors from future dilution.
April 25, 2007 in Financing

When Angels Go Bad

Don't care where the funds for your business come from? Here's why you should.
March 30, 2007 in Financing

Greed or Fear: What Really Motivates Investors

Understanding why investors put money into businesses can help you figure out who to approach and how to go about it.
March 8, 2007 in Financing

10 Lies VCs Know You're Telling

In the quest for capital, many entrepreneurs stretch the truth. One venture capitalist calls them out.
March 1, 2007 in Venture Capital

Alternate Financing Routes

States and banks are teaming up to offer financing programs that provide not only capital, but also benefits all around.
March 1, 2007 in Financing

Your Business Financing Paper Trail

Proper fundraising requires carefully prepared documentation at every step. Here's what investors expect--and what the law requires.
March 1, 2007 in Financing

VCs Want in on Your Hot New Company

and VCs want in on your hot new company.
February 1, 2007 in Financing

How to Recapitalize Your Business

Need cash, but don't want to give up control of operations? You can get the best of both worlds by recapitalizing.
February 1, 2007 in Financing
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