Grow Your Business

Legal Center

Steal a Look?

Think you can learn about good Web design by stealing ideas from other people's sites? Copyright law would have to disagree.

Bitten by an ASP?

There's no worry if you've taken the right precautions.
Employment Law

Rehiring Laid-Off Employees

What are the legal implications?

Managing Your Workers' Comp Costs

Don't let this insurance necessity break your bank account.
Growing Your Business

Grow Faster in New Target Markets

Break out the map. It's time for you to go a-huntin' for new markets.

Returning to a 40-Hour Work Week

It is possible to be an entrepreneur and work just 40 hours per week. All it takes is the right kind of planning and some delegating.
Legal Center

When Good Partnerships Go Bad

Don't think it can't happen to you. Prepare for the worst before you partner up, and you'll thank yourself later.
Selling Your Biz

Growing a Business to Sell

If you're planning to eventually sell your business, focus on the growth options that will be attractive to buyers.
Management & Operations

Equipment Leasing

Get the facts on leasing before you sign on the dotted line.
Managing Employees

Boys Will Not Be Boys

Lewdness and rudeness can be a mess for your business-even without mixed company.
Management & Operations

Getting Cozy

Offices may become a distant memory once the wide-open workplace comes to town.
Management & Operations

Natural Order

Customers get their products, clients get their services-but the environment is still waiting on its big shipment of respect.
Business Travel

Wait Here

Tips for getting on that flight before next Christmas
Management & Operations

Fallen Branches

When subsidiaries fail on their own, how do you bring them back into the fold?
Employment Law

Off the Records

When it comes to what's in your employees' medical records, keep your questions to yourself. The less you know, the better.
Hiring Center

Need a Hand?

Sure, employees would be nice. But what kind and what for?

It's All in Your Head

Cover what you can't touch.
Business Travel


On the road, in the air, in and out of hotels-with the right gear and the best deals, you'll forget that you even have an office.
Legal Center

"I'll See You in Court!"

Investors don't just cut their losses and go home anymore-now they call their lawyers.
Employment Law

Keep Mail-Handling Employees Safe

Even if you don't think your business is a potential anthrax target, your employees' safety is still your top priority.
Compensation and Benefits

Starting a Retirement Plan with SEP-IRA

Intimidated by retirement plans? A SEP-IRA offers you and your employees a simple way to plan for the future.
Employment Law

Do I Need a Sexual Harassment Policy?

It's not a legal requirement, but that doesn't make it any less of a good idea.
Growing Your Business

Grow Through Increased Sales

Target both new and existing customers in your quest to grow your business.

Leading in Times of Crisis

Show your leadership strength by helping your employees--and your company--survive stressful times.
Selling Your Biz

Understanding Seller Financing

Why does the buyer of your business want you to take on the risk of financing the sale?
Human Resources

Managing Peace of Mind

Now more than ever, this task should be your top priority.
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