Grow Your Business


The Idol Life

Their fame will outlive them, their money will probably outlast their fame, and what these entrepreneurial geniuses learned about running businesses will be passed from generation to generation-starting with you.
Management & Operations

Disastrous Effects

How does a business survive when it's too close to a national crisis for comfort?
Management & Operations

Green Eggs & Scam

17 business scams--from telephone trickery to Web wrongdoing--to avoid at all costs
Management & Operations

No Long-Term Parking

Keep it moving! Your products belong on the shelves, not in a warehouse--and retailers won't have it any other way.
Managing Employees

New Management

It's your way or the highway, right? So how do you get that manager you just hired not to hit the next on-ramp?
Legal Center

Taking Calls

Are state and federal laws taking the telephone out of your sales arsenal?

Elective Surgery

Cutting health costs doesn't mean cutting benefits.
Managing Employees

Assessing Your Team's Inner Dwarves

From Happy to Grumpy, each member of your team has a different personality. With the Snow White Test, you can uncover those Dwarf types and help everyone get along.
Hiring Center

Hiring Telecommuters

Before you set up employees in their own home offices, make sure you can handle the costs.
Employment Law

Classifying Workers Correctly

Make sure you're legal by understanding the difference between independent contractors and employees.
Growing Your Business

Opening a Branch Location

Being two places at once is probably not going to happen. Here's how to open a second location without sacrificing all your time and money.
Human Resources

Outsource Your Payroll

Free up your time by letting an expert handle payroll.
Family Business

Seeking Counsel for Your Family Business

Sometimes, family members just aren't the best people to make tough decisions about a family business. A trusted advisor can make those decisions for you.
Motivation and Retention

Overcoming "Security Screener Syndrome"

When jobs are repetitive and boring, they will not be done well. Have you examined your employees' job descriptions lately?
Motivation and Retention

Retaining Employees After Layoffs

Your remaining staff is picking up the slack, but you can't afford to pay them more. So how do you keep them happy?
Management & Operations

Positive ID

Trouble tracking inventory? Tag it like a wild animal.
Management & Operations

ISO a Go-Go

More companies comply with ISO than ever before-not necessarily because they want to. What will pleasing your clients cost your business?
Legal Center

Steal a Look?

Think you can learn about good Web design by stealing ideas from other people's sites? Copyright law would have to disagree.

Bitten by an ASP?

There's no worry if you've taken the right precautions.
Employment Law

Rehiring Laid-Off Employees

What are the legal implications?

Managing Your Workers' Comp Costs

Don't let this insurance necessity break your bank account.
Growing Your Business

Grow Faster in New Target Markets

Break out the map. It's time for you to go a-huntin' for new markets.

Returning to a 40-Hour Work Week

It is possible to be an entrepreneur and work just 40 hours per week. All it takes is the right kind of planning and some delegating.
Legal Center

When Good Partnerships Go Bad

Don't think it can't happen to you. Prepare for the worst before you partner up, and you'll thank yourself later.
Management & Operations

Equipment Leasing

Get the facts on leasing before you sign on the dotted line.
Selling Your Biz

Growing a Business to Sell

If you're planning to eventually sell your business, focus on the growth options that will be attractive to buyers.
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