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Human Resources

Low-Cost Benefits That'll Make Your Employees Happy

Boost satisfaction and loyalty with these inexpensive extras for your benefits package.
October 23, 2002 in Compensation and Benefits

What Benefits Are You Required to Provide?

Some benefits are legally required; some aren't. We'll help you figure which is which.
October 16, 2002 in Compensation and Benefits

13 Questions to Avoid During a Job Interview

Protect yourself from legal problems by steering clear of these sensitive issues.
October 16, 2002 in Hiring Center

How to Write a Job Ad

Make the most of a classified ad with these tips.
October 16, 2002 in Hiring Center

Interviewing Applicants

Ask the right questions--and boost your chances of hiring the right person.
October 2, 2002 in Hiring Center

Handling Employee Complaints

Do you know the difference between a valid grievance and just plain whining? Either way, you need to know how to handle it.
October 1, 2002 in Managing Employees

Muddled Middle

Good or bad, slackers and stars are stealing attention from everyone in between.
October 1, 2002 in Managing Employees

The Rules of FMLA Leave

The lowdown on when and how employees are permitted intermittent leave
September 23, 2002 in Employment Law

Managing Employee Conflict for Greater Productivity

If you have employees who don't get along--and if you don't know, you certainly will--these tips will help you resolve the situation to the benefit of both parties.
September 16, 2002 in Managing Employees

Becoming a Caring Leader

You don't have to act like Genghis Khan to get your employees to do their jobs. You'll develop a stronger company if you can develop your people skills.
September 13, 2002 in Motivation and Retention

The Late Show

Does it seem like your employee's procrastination problem is in repeats? It's time to find a solution or say your goodbyes.
September 1, 2002 in Managing Employees

Woe Is the CFO

These days, CFO may have more responsibility than the acronym was meant to handle. Does yours have what it takes to handle the scrutiny and the pressure?
September 1, 2002 in Human Resources

Young Is Old

Maybe youthful energy can't quite top the experience that comes with age after all.
September 1, 2002 in Hiring Center

Avoid Discrimination in Hiring Practices

Even if you're just trying to even out gender ratios on your staff, this practice can get you into hot water.
August 26, 2002 in Employment Law

Helping a New Manager Take Charge

Tips for training a leader, not a dictator
August 19, 2002 in Managing Employees

Who's Minding the Store?

Foster a good manager, and you won't have to worry about spending time away from your business.
August 1, 2002 in Training

Endless Options

No matter how often the markets let us down, stock options aren't going to die.
August 1, 2002 in Compensation and Benefits

Guidelines on Overtime, Holiday Pay and Paid Days Off

When overtime is the norm for your employees, how do you determine what to pay for holidays and paid time off?
July 22, 2002 in Employment Law

A Job Well Done

You won't boost employee performance without the right training and supervision.
July 15, 2002 in Managing Employees

Finding the Time to Lead

Don't have the time to cultivate good employees? Make time! You'll thank yourself later.
July 15, 2002 in Human Resources

8 Ways to Charm Your Employees

Simple moves that will help you create loyalty and rapport in the workplace
July 1, 2002 in Managing Employees

Hiring Your First Employee

Ready to start building a staff? Here's how to get--and keep--the best person for the job.
July 1, 2002 in Training

Fire Proof

A thorough investigation is the only way to build a case against problem employees.
July 1, 2002 in Managing Employees

Proper Payroll When an Employee Leaves

How soon are you required to pay a former employee's wages?
June 24, 2002 in Employment Law

Employee Recognition: Why It Matters

Rewarding employees for a job well-done will do wonders for their performance--and your bottom line.
June 24, 2002 in Motivation and Retention

More Tips for Internal Customer Service

Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, so here are 3 more ways to keep your employees happy.
June 10, 2002 in Motivation and Retention
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