Venture Capital

Venture Capitalists See Potential in Green Businesses

VC firms across the country are seeing green in the growing number of environmentally friendly products and companies.
Bank Loans and Microloans

Choosing a Bank to Get a Loan From

Big banks are competing for your business. How can you decide which one is best for you and your company?
Investment Options

Do Hybrid Securities Belong in Your Portfolio?

Hybrid securities are becoming increasingly common, but weigh your options before you decide to invest.
Personal Finance

The Basics of the New Tax Act

Here's what you need to know about the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005, just signed into law, when it comes to your personal finances.
Cash Flow & Money Management

Which Accounting Software is Best for You?

7 quick tips for choosing the package that's right for your business.
Payments & Collections

Get What's Owed You From Bankrupt Customers

If your client goes bankrupt, you could be the one to lose.
Financial Analysis

Damage Control

Prepare yourself for an emergency cash crunch.
Billing and Collections

Stopping Unauthorized Discounts

Customers who wrongly take discounts on invoices
Financial Analysis

Budget Basics

Why it's important to have a budget
Billing and Collections

How to Get Your Money When Payment's Due

Tips for getting paid promptly
Cash Flow & Money Management

Don't Go There

8 common mistakes entrepreneurs make with their money
Offering Credit

Keeping an Eye on Fast-Growing Customers

Why high-growth customers pose a credit risk
Personal Finance

Deciding When to Invest

When is the right time to invest?

What's It Worth?

Use your inventory or receivables to help fund the growth of your business.
Borrowing from Friends and Family
Loans from Friends and Family

Borrowing from Friends and Family

Tap into this popular source of startup financing.

Before You Get a Loan . . .

What lenders and investors want to know about you before loaning you money

Investors Resume Funding Online Startups

Investors are making a cautious return to online startups.
Investment Options

Investing in "Hybrid" Funds

Stocks or bonds? How about something in between?
Investment Options

Long-Short Mutual Fund Investing

An investment alternative for risky times
Loans from Friends and Family

Tap Into Your Network for Business Funding

Looking to raise capital for your new business? Start by approaching the people who know you best.
Tax Essentials

Tax Credit for Innovation

Go on--get some credit for your company's research.

Financing an Acquisition

No matter what your reason for buying another business, these smart tips can help make the deal a success.
Accounting Basics

11 Expectations to Set for Your Bookkeeper

Before you bring someone on board to handle your books, check their skills and lay the ground rules to ensure you're getting the right person for your business.

The State of Small-Business Funding

From banks to VCs, there's plenty of cash out there for entrepreneurs. But that doesn't mean the road to finding financing has gotten any shorter or smoother.
Venture Capital

Picking the Brains of Venture Capitalists

What do venture capitalists really look for in entrepreneurs? What are some big mistakes they see entrepreneurs making? We asked them these, and other, important questions.
Personal Finance

Taking Your Annual Financial Pulse

Is it time for your annual financial checkup? Our expert shows you why you need one and what you should be looking for.
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