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11th Hour Tax-Saving Tips

5 ways to cut your tax bill in time for April 15
December 3, 2001 in Tax Center

Power of Deduction

Get your expenses in order.
December 1, 2001 in Tax Deductions

(W)inner City

When it comes to untapped entrepreneurial potential, the city's where it's at.
December 1, 2001 in Financing

The Lowdown on Money Market Funds

Get a quick piece of the action with money market funds.
December 1, 2001 in Investment Options

Worth the Price You Pay?

If your search for venture capital feels like it's getting out of hand, maybe you don't need their money after all.
December 1, 2001 in Venture Capital

What's Your Company Worth?

Whether you're selling your business, getting insurance or sorting through estate taxes, knowing your business's value comes in handy.
December 1, 2001 in Cash Flow & Money Management

From Credit Card to Your Bank

Find out exactly how those funds reach you when you accept credit cards.
November 26, 2001 in Accepting Payments

Doing Due Diligence

What it means and why it's so important to investors
November 19, 2001 in Financing

Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions

Save some dough by claiming these business deductions.
November 5, 2001 in Tax Center

In-Out Privileges

Is your business a revolving door for limited partners? As long as the money is there, don't worry if they come and go as they please.
November 1, 2001 in Venture Capital

Can I Get a Little Help Here?

You need experience to hit up investors, but no one said it had to be your own.
November 1, 2001 in Financing

Protecting Your Company's Most Important Assets

Think of your company's intangible assets as the foundation of your business. Without them, you've just got a pile of rubble.
November 1, 2001 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Valuing Your Homebased Business

The first thing to figure out is whether you're profitable.
November 1, 2001 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Hiring a Bookkeeper or an Accountant

They're not just there to keep the books--they're there to help you run your business smarter.
October 29, 2001 in Accounting Basics

Credit Card Industry Terms Defined

Don't be intimidated by the jargon. We'll help you figure out what the heck they're saying.
October 22, 2001 in Accepting Payments

Pass the Investor Screen Test

Want investors to check out your plan? Have it hand-delivered by someone who matters.
October 15, 2001 in Venture Capital

Elements Of The Accounting System: General Ledger

Sum up all your business's transactions in the general ledger.
October 1, 2001 in Accounting Basics

Write Soon

Regardless of whether your investors' intentions are honorable, you can make sure their letter of intent is.
October 1, 2001 in Getting Started

Know Your Numbers

It's just as important in business as it was in elementary school.
October 1, 2001 in Managing Cash Flow

Credit Card Processing Equipment

Getting a merchant account is just the first step. Now find out what kind of equipment you'll need to process credit card payments.
September 24, 2001 in Accepting Payments

Earn Your Way Out of Investments

The most popular form of a stock buy-back is an earn-out. Learn why it can be a good deal for both you and your investors.
September 17, 2001 in Financing

How Cutting Costs Can Save Your Business

Part II of a two-part series on turning around a troubled company
September 10, 2001 in Financial Analysis

Make a Statement

What to do if your bank requires audited financial statements
September 1, 2001 in Cash Flow & Money Management

Royalty Treatment

Instead of selling ownership, sell a piece of the revenue stream.
September 1, 2001 in Financing

Fashionably Late

After years of searching for expansion capital, this fashion designer has realized that it was just a matter of style.
September 1, 2001 in Financing

Explaining Credit Transaction Fees

It's your hard-earned money. Be aware of what you're paying for.
August 27, 2001 in Accepting Payments
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