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Sales Techniques

Get Real

Ditch the tricks and put puffery aside. According to sales expert Jacques Werth, honesty really is the best policy.
June 1, 1999 in Sales Techniques

Stop, Look and Listen

Listen and learn
May 1, 1999 in Sales Techniques

Big Mistake

Is your business too dependent on one big client?
August 1, 1998 in Sales Techniques

The Buying Game

Not all pitches to retail buyers are created equal. Here's what you need to do to ensure your product is the one that generates attention--and sales.
June 1, 1998 in Sales Techniques

What's The Problem?

Next time a customer cancels an order, find out what you did wrong -- and fix it!
April 1, 1998 in Sales Techniques

Basic Instincts

Appeal to your customers' primary needs, and you're one step closer to closing the sale.
February 1, 1997 in Sales Techniques

Perfect Pitch

Writing sales materials that sing
June 1, 1996 in Sales Techniques
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