Starting a Business

Home Based Business

When Uncle Sam Wants Your Land

Advice on how to handle the government when it declares "eminent domain"
Home Based Business

Are You Liable For Employees' Game-Related Injuries?

Protect yourself and your employees from confusion when participating in a sporting event.
Home Based Business

The Power Of Customer Testimonials

Let satisfied customers do the talking, and new clients will come a-walking.
Home Based Business

Starting An Intern Program

If you're seeking a creative-and affordable-solution to your staffing problems, interns may be the answer.
Business Ideas

Making Money Cooking At Home

There's a lot more to it than turning on the stove.
Home Based Business

Forming a Board of Advisors

Everyone could use a little experienced advice from people who are pulling for you.
Home Based Business

Does Money Equal Success?

You bet it does. It's frequently a lack of capital that dooms a business before it can even get on its feet.
Home Based Business

So You Want To Sell Online?

Take these issues into consideration before starting an e-commerce site.
Home Based Business

How To Become A Socially Responsible Business

Entrepreneurs can do good and make profits, too.
Home Based Business

Positioning Your Company

Before you begin developing your marketing efforts, decide how you want to position your company.
Home Based Business

Getting Customer Feedback

Whether you like it or not, you have to find out what customers don't like about your product.
Home Based Business

When It's Time To Let A Salesperson Go

Tips to ease the often difficult situation of firing an employee with sagging sales
Home Based Business

Friendships At Work Quandary: When It's Your Family's Business

Advice on how to walk the fine line between being an employee and the employer's kin
Home Based Business

You Can Travel and Stay Healthy

Tips for staying in shape when on a business trip or a vacation
Furnishing Your First Store or Office

The Mod Squad

Cumbersome office furniture is a crime--modular to the rescue.
Protecting Your Idea

Protective Clothing

Can I show people my designs without losing the shirt off my back?
Evaluating Your Idea

Brightest Idea

Your perfect business could be just a work sheet away.
Business Ideas

Goody Bag

C'mon, kids. Reach in. We've got 10 great businesses to start right now.
Home Based Business

The Golden Rule of Marketing

When determining what you're customer service policy should be, do unto others know the rest.
Home Based Business

Get Your Business Free Publicity

Want to get your business more publicity? Have you checked into testimonial advertising? See how it can work for your business.
Home Based Business

Turning Your Hobby Into A Business Opportunity

If you're good at something and you enjoy it, why not make it your business?
Startup Financing

No Money? No Problem

Despite a lack of funding, this herb farm is flourishing.
Home Based Business

Smart E-Mail Marketing Gets Personal

Keep these four tips in mind when creating a successful e-mail marketing campaign.
Home Based Business

Chair And Chair Alike?

Sitting down on the job? Choose your work chair carefully with our reviews.
Home Based Business

Stop! Do You Grab The Media's Attention?

Read these tips to get the most out of your PR efforts.
Home Based Business

The Benefits Of Regional Carriers

Find out why you shouldn't always use national package delivery companies for every shipment.
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