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For the Brand to Thrive, the Leader Must Be the Brand

In today's hyper-smart and sensitive culture, “brand” is bigger, and more valuable, than ever.

Chef Jamie Oliver on Getting the Magic Right

Good work depends as much on creativity as it does on focus and planning.

Why This Quirky Brand Advertises Exclusively on YouTube

Oral health company Orabrush shares its strategy behind creating viral online videos.

Why You Don't Need the Biggest Budget to Win

Be more compelling and soon you'll break through all the noise.

Brian Solis and the End of Business as Usual

Marketers must recognize and react to the changing landscape of business.

Why You Should Listen First, Market Later

In a new book, author Scott Stratten asks companies to listen to their customers to form real connections.

Actor LeVar Burton on Relaunching Reading Rainbow as a Mobile App

LeVar Burton viewed the cancellation of his award-winning children's series after 21 seasons as an opportunity to embrace modern technology and reach out to the kids of today.

Skateboarding World Champion Pierre Andre on Building the Etnies Empire

The mind behind game-changing skating shoe designs shares the yearlong journey that took him from living on the streets of Venice Beach to the premiere stages of freestyle.

How to Use Targeted Advertising on Facebook and AdWords

Consider these practical tips you can use to earn the permission to talk to your audience, turning visitors into readers.

Shark Tank's Daymond John on Lessons From His Worst Mistakes

The television personality and FUBU founder discusses his background and learnings as an entrepreneur.

How Charity Water Is Reinventing Giving

Former nightclub promoter Scott Harrison hopes to clean up the world's water supply and make charity cool.

Tony Hawk on the Importance of Constantly Evolving

The skateboard icon and entrepreneur shares the secrets of his success.

'The Office' Actor Rainn Wilson Builds a Site for Life's Biggest Questions

Growing social networking site SoulPancake aims to be a 'question collective' where users discuss and debate their deepest philosophical quandaries.

Motorcycle Designer Roland Sands on Bikes, Branding and Building Success

Sands reveals his biggest branding mistakes and where he finds inspiration.

Seth Godin on the 3 Essential Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Cultivate

Changing your way of thinking can change your whole approach to your business. Here's how.

Seth Godin on Dealing With Critics and Rejection

The popular marketing guru on how to deal with rejection and still unlock your ability to do amazing things.

Lessons from Seth Godin on Embracing Uncertainty

Why getting comfortable with failure is part of the entrepreneurial struggle.

Reimagining the Future of Broadcast TV

In this episode of Behind the Brand, host Brian Elliot talks with the founders of Tubefilter, about how online video is disrupting the once-sacred broadcast TV industry.

Tim Ferriss on Mastering Any Skill

Behind the Brand host Bryan Elliott talks with life-hacker, entrepreneur and author of 'The 4-Hour Chef' Tim Ferriss.

Toshiba America's CEO on How to Embrace Risk

Mark Simons, CEO of Toshiba America Information Systems, discusses how a business can go from good to great by taking risks, not being afraid of failure -- and learning from mistakes. He talks with Bryan Elliott for 'Behind the Brand.'

Chris Brogan on How to Grow Your Online Presence

The popular blogger shares low-cost ways to take your company 'to the next level' online with site design, email marketing and blogging. He speaks with Bryan Elliott in 'Behind the Brand.'

Chris Brogan on Creating Trust With Customers Online

Chris Brogan, author of 'Trust Agents,' talks about new business practices that can help companies create long-term relationships with customers online. He speaks with Bryan Elliott in 'Behind the Brand.'

How Gary Vaynerchuk Puts Family First

The successful entrepreneur talks about cultivating his legacy. An interview with Bryan Elliott in 'Behind the Brand.'

YouTube Star iJustine on Her Devotion to Apple

The video entrepreneur talks about her unrequited love of everything Apple.

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