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Entrepreneur Kids™: All About Money

Dollar bills, coins, and credit cards—oh my! Help your child learn the basic concepts of money as it pertains to entrepreneurship, financial management skills, and much more.

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Meet Entrepreneur Kids™

For over 30 years, the business experts at Entrepreneur have brought readers the best in small-business and startup content from finance and management to sales and marketing. Now it's time to help lead a new generation. Entrepreneur Press is proud to present the first book in the Entrepreneur Kids series, Entrepreneur Kids™: All About Money!

Today's kids are tech-smart, media-savvy, and goal-oriented. They need fun books and content that will give them the tools they need to achieve their dreams. Whether they want to set up a lemonade stand, develop an app, or start a dog-walking business, Entrepreneur Kids have great ideas—and we'll help them make it happen.

Entrepreneur Kids™: All About Money is a fun, interactive activity book designed to engage your child (without a screen!) and ignite their passion for learning. Filled with quick lessons, tips, stories, and activities, Entrepreneur Kids™: All About Money helps help upper elementary and middle-grade students learn basic concepts of financial literacy and entrepreneurship like the history of money, how to save and spend wisely, how to write a check and use a debit or credit card, and what currency looks like in other countries.

Ignite your child's imagination, empower them to make smart money choices, and engage their love for learning and reading with Entrepreneur Kids™!

Product Details
Publication date
Mar 16, 2021
Entrepreneur Press
Paperback dimensions
8 X 10 inches
Number of pages
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