The Sales Game Has Changed. Here's How to Keep Up.

The Sales Game Has Changed. Here's How to Keep Up.

The game has changed. The modern sales process begins with new marketing strategies that can help develop leads before your sales team gets involved.


Failure is Your Greatest Teacher. Here's Why.

Believe it or not, failure is success. Failure gives us a chance to reevaluate our goals and purpose.

If You're Ignoring This Service, You Could Be Costing Your Business Money

Ignoring the benefits of outsourcing leaves your business at an enormous disadvantage.

Light Up Your Home Office with This LED 2-in-1 Lamp

It gives your home office complete customization.

3 Reasons Treating Your Team Like Family is a Win-Win for Everyone

Leading your staff in a supportive atmosphere creates three lasting benefits.

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From Side Hustle to Solopreneur: The Steps You Need to Take to Make the Move

Take it from those who've done it themselves. This is what you need to know to become a successful solopreneur.
Date:Oct 06 Time:12:00 PM EDT
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News & Trends

A College Student Cashed Out a $110 Million Profit on Bed Bath & Beyond - After Piling $25 Million Into the Meme Stock

Jake Freeman's fund revealed a 6.2% stake in the retailer in late July, then sold it on Tuesday.

TikTokers Boycott Amazon Over Alleged Employee Mistreatment: 'None of Us Will Take Any Sponsorships'

The People Over Prime pledge has amassed 71 creators with a joint following of nearly 51 million TikTok users.

Tesla's Cybertruck Will Cost More Than Originally Planned

You're going to have to wait until 2023 for Cybertruck, and it might not be as cheap as originally announced.


Latest Franchise Articles

How to Move Forward With Confidence When You're Unsure About Becoming a Franchise Owner

Do your homework on the franchise that interests you. Then move forward with confidence.

3 Strategies To Protect Your Business From Inflation

Inflation is back with a vengeance. Use these three strategies to protect yourself and stay afloat in inflationary times.

3 Tips on How to Empower Your Franchisees to Acquire Local Customers

Provide training, technology and resources to support your franchisees. Don't let them go out on their own.

Elevator Pitch

How to Land Your Dream Investors and Catapult You to Success

Fundraising is a crucial piece to any successful business plan, but landing investors is often a challenge, especially in today's very competitive fundraising landscape. Keep in mind these key things as you're starting your journey on the fundraising circuit.

If You Want Your Pitches to Improve, Use These 3 Simple Tips

Most people think a pitch is all about how well they give a presentation but the reality is that's only one piece of the 'successful pitch' pie. There are other areas of the meeting that need to be considered - starting with understanding what motivates other people in the room.

How to Sell Your Story Through Your Pitch Deck

Venture capitalists' attention spans are at their shortest, but a concise, attractive and effective pitch deck can catch their interest.

5 Tips to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Communicate your value proposition quickly and effectively to win more business.

Going Public

'Going Public' Season 1 Finale: Onward and Upward

The end of one chapter is just the beginning for these four companies.

How to Find the Best Growth Strategy for Your Business

On the new episode of 'Going Public,' it's all about growth.

'Going Public' New Episode: Here's How to Get the Attention of High-Wealth Investors

Learn what it takes to find success at The Money Show in Las Vegas.

'Going Public': Learn the Art and Science of Valuation

On this episode, founders find out if they are on the right track.
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This Physician Is on a Mission to Empower Home Health Aides. Here's How She's Doing It.

Dr. Madeline Sterling shares how she's working to improve the lives of home health aides and their patients. Plus, her advice on other researchers trying to pioneer a new space in their field.

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These Co-Founders Are Using 'Quiet Confidence' to Flip the Script on Cutthroat Startup Culture and Make Their Mark on a $46 Billion Industry

These Co-Founders Are Using 'Quiet Confidence' to Flip the Script on Cutthroat Startup Culture and Make Their Mark on a $46 Billion Industry

Kevin Lee and Kevin Chanthasiriphan were raised with a set of values that, in many ways, directly conflict with those in the startup space -- but they're using that to their advantage and taking noodle brand Immi to the next level.

Listen Closely to What People Ask You. That's Where to Find Your Hidden Power.

Listen Closely to What People Ask You. That's Where to Find Your Hidden Power.

When people ask questions, they're revealing what your value is to them.