How to Diversify Your Business Interests

How to Diversify Your Business Interests

The best hedge against relying on only one stream of income is diversification. Here's how to get started with diversifying your business interests.


Young VCs Are About to Face Their Greatest Test (a Downturn)

A generation of venture capital investors are about to find out how good they really are, as a market downturn shows who really did their research and who got caught up with the hype.

Empowering Your Team Should Be a Top Priority. Here's How to Start.

It's no easy feat to create an empowered team, but it's crucial for your organization's growth. Here are some ways managers can empower their employees to take charge.

How Success Happened for Meetup CEO David Siegel

David Siegel, CEO of Meetup, discusses his creative and persistent approach to problem-solving.

How Your Business Can Thrive in a Bear Market

In today's turbulent, hyper-inflated and globally-fragile environments, founders must build resiliency, manage cash flow and be ruthlessly vigilant as to which expansionary plans make the most financial and operational sense to pursue.

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Driving a Business Strategy that Accomplishes the Owner's Personal Goals

Join us for this free webinar to learn the right way to connect an owner's personal financial goals to the strategy and direction of the business.
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News & Trends

Amazon Prime Day Deals to Grab (And What To Pass On) -- Plus, How You Can Still Shop Small

It's the biggest (and debatably most overwhelming) online sale of the year. Here's how to stay organized and know which deals to grab, and which to scroll past.

Forget Gas Prices -- Car Prices Have Reached Record Highs

'I joke with people that every new car purchase is a luxury car purchase, I don't care what you're buying.'

Is a Housing Market Correction Finally Underway?

Experts are saying the market is still "a bit rough right now," and may get worse before it gets better.

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Customize Your Lighting With This Dual LED Lamp

Light up your workspace with this mother-daughter floor lamp.

Get a 2012 MacBook Air for Less Than $300

This refurbished MacBook Air once cost $1,000.

The Apple iPad mini 4 Is Perfect for Business Travel

Get a refurbished version for more than $500 off.


Latest Franchise Articles

Invest in Yourself With a Financial Services Franchise

Start a business with the potential to help others achieve long-term financial and retirement goals.

'It Was Like a Drug': How Dave's Hot Chicken Grew a Cult Following in an East Hollywood Parking Lot

What started as a parking lot pop-up expanded to 67 locations in less than five years. Here's how Dave's Hot Chicken became one of the fastest-growing food chains in the country.

Are You an Ideal Franchisee? Here's How to Find Out.

How does your personality compare? Do you like following rules or making the rules?

Elevator Pitch

How to Land Your Dream Investors and Catapult You to Success

Fundraising is a crucial piece to any successful business plan, but landing investors is often a challenge, especially in today's very competitive fundraising landscape. Keep in mind these key things as you're starting your journey on the fundraising circuit.

If You Want Your Pitches to Improve, Use These 3 Simple Tips

Most people think a pitch is all about how well they give a presentation but the reality is that's only one piece of the 'successful pitch' pie. There are other areas of the meeting that need to be considered - starting with understanding what motivates other people in the room.

How to Sell Your Story Through Your Pitch Deck

Venture capitalists' attention spans are at their shortest, but a concise, attractive and effective pitch deck can catch their interest.

5 Tips to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Communicate your value proposition quickly and effectively to win more business.

Going Public

'Going Public' Season 1 Finale: Onward and Upward

The end of one chapter is just the beginning for these four companies.

How to Find the Best Growth Strategy for Your Business

On the new episode of 'Going Public,' it's all about growth.

'Going Public' New Episode: Here's How to Get the Attention of High-Wealth Investors

Learn what it takes to find success at The Money Show in Las Vegas.

'Going Public': Learn the Art and Science of Valuation

On this episode, founders find out if they are on the right track.
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Odell Beckham Jr. Met His Business Partner At A Drake Concert. Now They're Rethinking What It Means to Be An Athlete-Turned-Entrepreneur

After years of building things behind the scenes, OBJ and his business partner Ajay Sangha are finally ready to talk business.

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Stop Applying Old Methods to New Problems. It's Time to Start From Scratch.

Stop Applying Old Methods to New Problems. It's Time to Start From Scratch.

It's scary to wipe the slate clean, and start over. But sometimes, trying to build on what you've done before can hold you back.

The Burgeoning Psychedelics Industry Is Full of Money and Good Intentions. But Can It Avoid All Of Cannabis's Mistakes?

The Burgeoning Psychedelics Industry Is Full of Money and Good Intentions. But Can It Avoid All Of Cannabis's Mistakes?

There's a tipping point for every new industry. Psychedelics professionals are moving slowly, with caution, to be sure they tip in the right direction.

This Couple Escaped Arranged Marriages in Pakistan. Now They Run a $12 Million Brooklyn Shoe Brand.

This Couple Escaped Arranged Marriages in Pakistan. Now They Run a $12 Million Brooklyn Shoe Brand.

When Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali landed in the U.S. not knowing a word of English, they had no idea how far their entrepreneurial journey would take them.