5 Tech Stocks To Watch Before July 2021

5 Tech Stocks To Watch Before July 2021

Should investors be jumping on the tech train as tech stocks bounce back from this year’s sell-offs?



Top Stocks To Buy This Week? 4 Health Care Stocks To Watch

Check out these trending names in the health care industry.

3 Chip Stocks that Are a Better Buy Than NVIDIA

Over the last month, semiconductors have started outperforming as the chip shortage is getting worse. While Nvidia (NVDA) is up 40%, investors should...

Airbnb has an 'elite secret team' to hide crimes that occur in their accommodations, this is how they operate

Thefts, physical assaults, rapes and even the discovery of human remains are some situations that Airbnb has had to hide, spending millions of dollars to avoid a reputation crisis.
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News & Trends

News and Trends

Release Pending for 'Ever Given'

The massive container ship has been held in Egypt since it blocked the Suez Canal.
News and Trends

Small Businesses See Biggest Win in History During Amazon Prime Day 2021

This year's Prime Day was the highest-grossing iteration of the annual event for third-party sellers.

How Entrepreneurs Have Honored Pandemic Heroes and How You Can Too

Every action, no matter the size, adds up to make a real change.

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Learning a Language Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

With Lingoda, just choose your course, choose your level, and book your class based on topics relevant to you and a time that works.
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Sweet news! Krispy Kreme shares will cost less than 500 pesos to go on the Nasdaq index

Donut chain Krispy Kreme expects to raise between $ 560 million and $ 650 million in its Initial Public Offering (IPO) and you can purchase shares of the company when they are listed on the Nasdaq index.
Franchise of the day

Entrepreneur Franchise of the Day: Caring Transitions

The senior transition and relocation company finished on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for the second year in a row.

Subway's tuna does not have tuna DNA, according to research by The New York Times

There are still many doubts about it, but for the moment that was the result of the tests carried out by the medium.

Elevator Pitch

Unicorn Hunters S1 EP2: FORTË

Find your fit. Meet the fitness tech company revolutionizing fitness.

Unicorn Hunters S1 EP1: FarUv

Meet the company on a mission to rid the world of future pandemics.

Dear Brit: 'What's an Elevator Pitch, and Why Do I Need One?'

In her monthly column for 'Entrepreneur,' Brit Morin explains what a successful pitch looks like -- and how to give one in less than 30 seconds.

Free Webinar | Mar. 18: Raising Capital After 2 Years of Business: Do's and Don'ts

Join Mark J. Kohler, CPA & Small Business Attorney, as he discusses the options for raising capital and the do's and don'ts.
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What Defines a Strong Company?

Nicole Walters, CEO and founder of Inherit Learning Company, chats with Georgene Huang and Romy Newman, co-founders of Fairygodboss, about the importance of having strong, cohesive leadership.

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Struggling to Focus? Here's Advice From World-Renowned Brain Coach Jim Kwik

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