Mexico, hub of fintech startups in Latin America
Startups fintech

Mexico, hub of fintech startups in Latin America

In Mexican territory there are more than 150 fintech startups, which are focused on the crowdfunding segment, financial education, business finance, among others.



Why is a digital financing alternative for your startup more convenient than a bank loan?

Traditional loans offer fixed amounts, with a fixed rate for a fixed term to be paid in fixed installments. This rigidity forces companies to borrow more than they need and therefore to pay more interest than they should.

The SEP launches this message after canceling face-to-face classes due to a yellow traffic light

Mexico City returned to a yellow light after only two weeks of being green.

8 Penny Stocks in These 3 Industries Have Traders Looking to Buy

Which industries are investors finding penny stocks in right now? Check these 3 out

Stock Trading Guide For Beginners 2021

Here is a comprehensive guide for beginners who are looking to start trading stocks in 2021.
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Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Federal Court Judge Leaning Towards Changing $900,000 EB-5 Rule

The article aims to provide insight on the current case that could possibly change the EB-5 program
News and Trends

An Amazon Worker Says She's Homeless Because She Can't Afford NYC Rent With the $19 She's Paid Per Hour: Report

The woman said she lives in her car in the company's parking lot and struggles to make ends meet.
News and Trends

American Airlines Will Cancel Hundreds of Flights Due to Staffing Shortages

The airline will reportedly be cancelling 50 to 80 flights a day well into the summer.

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10 Deals for $20 That You Won't Find on Amazon

After all, Amazon doesn't have everything.

Learn Investment Strategies with Virtual Access to MoneyShow 2021

Arm yourself with profitable strategies in a volatile marketplace.


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Entrepreneur Franchise of the Day: Burn Boot Camp

This top-100 franchise is among the most innovative and forward-thinking boutique fitness gyms.

5 Mistakes Franchisees Make When Looking for Business Real Estate

Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your next real-estate decision is the right one.

How This Father Took a Failing Franchise Restaurant and Doubled Its Revenue: 'People Were Walking Up to Me and Handing Me Money'

After covering his son's shift at a Pie Five Pizza, Steve Roberts decided to run it himself.

Elevator Pitch

Unicorn Hunters S1 EP2: FORTË

Find your fit. Meet the fitness tech company revolutionizing fitness.

Unicorn Hunters S1 EP1: FarUv

Meet the company on a mission to rid the world of future pandemics.

Dear Brit: 'What's an Elevator Pitch, and Why Do I Need One?'

In her monthly column for 'Entrepreneur,' Brit Morin explains what a successful pitch looks like -- and how to give one in less than 30 seconds.

Free Webinar | Mar. 18: Raising Capital After 2 Years of Business: Do's and Don'ts

Join Mark J. Kohler, CPA & Small Business Attorney, as he discusses the options for raising capital and the do's and don'ts.
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Struggling to Focus? Here's Advice From World-Renowned Brain Coach Jim Kwik

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The World's Top Brain Coach Says Knowing 'Your Dominant Question' Changes Your Life

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Nobody Likes a Success Story

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