How to use robots to improve the customer experience at online sales events?

Given the high demand for responses from customers at the time of Christmas sales, robots emerge as an efficient alternative to deliver a good shopping experience.

Chilean startup Camel Secure extends its solutions to Latam

The startup began its expansion in Latin America to promote the understanding and prevention of cybersecurity in a region where cyberattacks are on the rise.

Pizza del Perro Negro, ready to multiply under the franchise model

The brand seeks to grow under the franchise model. These will be the estimated costs and the investment payback time.

Alto Nivel

The Netherlands will insure commercial risk in capital goods loans for SMEs

The financing provided by Atradius Dutch State Business (ADSB) is granted for a risk period of 24 months and of 12 months or more for the credit, as long as the financing granted is for a minimum of 5 million euros.

Albertsons Companies, Inc. (ACI) Stock Moves -0.68%: What You Should Know

Albertsons Companies, Inc. (ACI) closed the most recent trading day at $35.19, moving -0.68% from the previous trading session.

Southern Copper (SCCO) Stock Moves -1.78%: What You Should Know

Southern Copper (SCCO) closed at $58.50 in the latest trading session, marking a -1.78% move from the prior day.

How a Single Decision Propelled My Company Forward

My company made the decision to develop unique methods to standardize the way we executed our work and it accelerated our growth exponentially.

Ed Macha

Let the ‘Out-the-Door Price’ Drive Your Next Car Negotiation

Buying a vehicle is more difficult than ever. Shoppers have long been accustomed to negotiating discounts from the figure on the window sticker. In today’s shortage-driven market, though, many dealers…

Philip Reed

5 Things to Look For When Hiring a Marketing Agency

The right research helps you avoid bad representation.

Cabot (CBT) to Divest Purification Solutions Unit for $111M

Cabot (CBT) announces the selling off of its Purification Solutions business to One Equity Partners to divert resources to areas that promise strong growth and innovation.

Self-Discipline: The Secret Ingredient

The development of self-discipline is like exercising a muscle that develops the more you use it.

Brian H. Robb

Powell Vows to Speed-Up Taper, Market Falls

Shares plummeted for the second trading day in the last three, with the Dow finishing down -652 points, -1.86%, the S&P 500 -1.90% and the Nasdaq dropping -1.55% on the...

Mark Vickery