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Here Are the Books on Bill Gates' Summer Reading List

The four books recommended by the Microsoft founder all "touch on the idea of service."

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NVIDIA (NVDA) Earnings Are Out: Here's What to Do

NVIDIA’s (NVDA) much-anticipated first-quarter earnings report comfortably surpassed analyst expectations, driven by massive demand for its AI chips. The chipmaker also announced a 10-to-1 stock split. Following an impressive financial...

Making a Change

Save Hundreds of Dollars and Learn up to 14 Languages with Daily 15-Minute Sessions on Babbel

Build expanded communication tools for international business ventures.


Social Media Savvy CEOs Are the Ones Impressing Customers. Here's How to Make Yourself (and Your Brand) Memorable.

CEO impact goes beyond the boardroom. Learn how executive visibility affects your brand and why a strong leadership branding strategy is so critical to your bottom line.

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Buy Alert: 3 Software Security Stocks Under $25

With the increasing cyber threats and extensive digitization, the software security sector is experiencing significant growth. Thus, it could be wise to buy fundamentally sound software security stocks OneSpan (OSPN),...

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The Fundamental Must-Haves for Your Fabulously Frugal Home

Can you create a stylish, welcoming home on a budget? Although furnishing a house in the U.S. real estate market can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000, it is possible....

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Federal Reserve leaders say rates could be higher for longer

Federal Reserve leaders have said that rates could persist higher for longer if inflation fails to improve. The Federal Reserve’s staunch footing has been bolstered after a joint meeting of...

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Nvidia records blowout sales in new earnings report

Nvidia the electronics and computer chip leader, has announced a surge in sales according to a new earnings report. The report topped expectations and allowed investors to relax after a...

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3 Major Mistakes Companies Are Making With AI That Is Limiting Their ROI

With so many competing narratives around the future of AI, it's no wonder companies are misaligned on the best approach for integrating it into their organizations.

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He Picked Up a Lucky Penny In a Parking Lot. Moments Later, He Won $1 Million in the Lottery.

Tim Clougherty was in for a surprise when he scratched off his $10,000-a-month winning lottery ticket.

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A University Awarded a Student $10,000 for His AI Tool — Then Suspended Him for Using It, According to a New Lawsuit

Emory University awarded the AI study aid the $10,000 grand prize in an entrepreneurial pitch competition last year.


How a $10,000 Investment in AI Transformed My Career and Business Strategy

A bold $10,000 investment in AI and machine learning education fundamentally transformed my career and business strategy. Here's how adaption in the ever-evolving realm of AI — with the right investment in education, personal growth and business innovation — can transform your business.


Want to Enhance Your Influence as a Startup Leader? Here's What You Need to Know.

Discover the foundational influence styles of "pushers" and "pullers," and learn practical tactics to refine your natural influencing approach. Enhance your performance in startup environments by adopting the most effective elements of both styles.

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Companies Are 'Unbossing' the Workplace, and Millennial Managers Are Getting Axed

Middle-management positions accounted for almost one-third of layoffs in 2023.

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How to Foster a Strong Culture With a Remote or International Workforce

A strong culture requires an intentional approach when teams aren't in the office.