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Federal Prosecutors: Ban Sam Bankman-Fried From Signal Over Witness Tampering Fears

Prosecutors cited previously unreleased testimony from Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison as part of their justification for the ban.


How to Achieve Superhuman Levels of Focus with Nutritional Psychology

Could poor nutrition be the reason for a lack of focus?


5 Straightforward Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker This Year

Use these methods to morph into a more effective communicator.

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26% of U.S. Workers Would Rather Undergo a Root Canal Than Follow This Workplace Policy

This staggering statistic reveals a clear shift in workers' attitudes towards work and companies that fail to adapt to this change risk losing their most valuable asset: their employees.

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Report Reveals Sexual Assault Is the Most Consistently Reported Crime On Board Major Cruise Lines

A new report by Business Insider found 500 documented incidents of sexual assault from 2010 to 2022. More than 80 percent of the cases were committed by passengers.

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The Rats Still Run This City: NYC Is Still Looking for Its 'Rat Czar'

Mayor Eric Adams said in a press conference that the position had not yet been filled.


7 Steps to Push Your Career Beyond Your Comfort Zone

With these simple, concrete steps, you can embrace discomfort, push yourself into career-launch mode and see massive returns.


10 Must-Have Tools for Successful Media Outreach

Help boost your link-building and outreach efforts with these powerful tools.

Growing a Business

7 Ways to Supercharge Your B2B SaaS Brand Visibility on LinkedIn

Unfortunately, few B2B brands know what to do to stay visible to their target market. In this article, you will be equipped with seven keys to growing your B2B brand visibility on LinkedIn.

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4 Best Software Stocks to Buy in 2023 and Beyond

The software industry has faced several macroeconomic headwinds since last year. However, the industry’s prospects remain strong, driven by rapid digitalization and heightened spending. Therefore, it could be wise for...

Starting a Business

4 Effective Ways To Accomplish This Missing Step That Most Entrepreneurs Overlook

You launch your product or business... and nothing happens. Sound familiar? Here's how to change that outcome.