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Labor Department Fines Dollar General $15.5 Million for Workplace Safety Violations

Since 2017, the Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration unit has found 111 instances of safety violations after inspecting more than 270 Dollar General stores.

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Leaked Documents Show Twitter Has Been Prioritizing 35 'VIP' Accounts

The list reportedly includes a slew of different public figures.

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A Mississippi News Anchor Is Under Fire for Quoting Snoop Dogg

WLBT's Barbara Bassett used the rapper's "fo shizzle" phrase during a live broadcast, causing the station to let her go.

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5 Ideas for Creating a Health Improvement Game Plan

Kids’ exercise is built into daily life at school. Running around at recess and playing outside after school are fun activities that also happen to be healthy. But as we...

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CVS vs. Walgreens: Which Is the Better Stock to Own?

The retail pharmacy industry has evolved in recent years and is predicted to continue experiencing strong growth. This should benefit pharma stocks, CVS Health (CVS), and Walgreens Boots (WBA). But...


How to Negotiate a Commercial Agreement Like a Pro

No matter the industry, negotiating is crucial to finding the fairest deal possible.

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Levi's Is Experimenting With AI to Promote Diversity — Which Raises Some Serious Questions

The denim brand claims the move will be more "sustainable" — but has yet to clarify how.

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Rising Inflation: How Will Retirees Get Through Life

The U.S. has gone through massive crises that put a lot of households and businesses at rock bottom. It’s been over a decade since the Real Estate Bubble and the...

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It’s Rally-On! For PVH Corp. But How High Can It Go? 

PVH Corp. reported a stunning quarter, with analysts raising their targets and driving the stock upward. The question is how high can it go?


Remote Work Doesn't Have To Suffocate Your Company Culture. Here's How to Foster a Stellar Digital Culture

How do you encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking digitally? By fostering a dynamic and supportive company culture.

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Thirsty For More Stocks? Try These 3 Beverage Stocks

Despite the challenging macroeconomic climate, the beverage industry managed to weather the headwinds better, thanks to the relatively inelastic demand. With innovations and new offerings, the beverage industry is expected...

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Use These 3 Stocks to Build a Strong Foundation in Your Portfolio

Sales of new and existing homes suffered considerably last year due to high mortgage rates. However, the declining mortgage rates over the past few months made home buyers active again....

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Don't Be Fooled by These 3 Value Traps

Approximately one out of every ten U.S. listed stocks have a positive P/E ratio less than 10. Some are justifiably cheap; others are merely fool’s gold.