Liz Brody

Liz Brody is a contributing editor at Entrepreneur magazine. 

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Growing a Business

This Couple Ignored the Common Wisdom of the Jewelry Industry, And Started Making $100 Million a Year

Aditi and Agkur Daga were told that their founding concept would never work, and at first, they listened. But they took a risk, and reversed course.


5 Disasterous Situations You Could Face As a Leader In 2024 — And How to Survive Them, According to Experts

From toxic remote workplaces to economic insecurity and global disasters, there's a lot to worry about. But you can be prepared.


¿Deberías contratar a un consultor de inteligencia artificial? Te decimos cuándo y cuándo no conviene hacerlo

Nadie quiere quedarse atrás y hay una creciente industria de consultores de IA que quieren ayudar. ¿Pero vale la pena la inversión?

Science & Technology

Should You Hire An AI Consultant? Here's When It's the Right Move, and When It's Not.

No one wants to get left behind, and there's a growing industry of AI consultants who want to help. But is it worth the investment?

Growing a Business

Its First Year, This Startup Struggled to Get 75 Clients. Five Years Later, They Have 18,000. Here's How They Did It.

Financial planning startup Facet knew they were targeting a huge untapped market. But getting clients wasn't as easy as they hoped.

Growing a Business

This Startup Is Reinventing the Yellow School Bus. Here's Its Playbook for Winning Over the Hardest Customers (Like Public Schools).

Zūm started out selling its "Uber for kids" service to parents. But then its founder realized they could sell to school districts, and have a much bigger impact. Of course, that was easier said than done.

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