Emily Washcovick

Emily Washcovick

Senior Field Marketing Manager and Small Business Expert

As Yelp’s Senior Field Marketing Manager and Small Business Expert, Emily is responsible for building a thriving network of local business owners, operators and marketers through education and networking events (now, exclusively virtual). She hosts events and webinars to provide business owners with resources that help them succeed and grow in the world of online reviews. Emily’s expertise lies in customer engagement, reputation management and all things digital marketing. Her knowledge encompasses countless industries and through thought leadership and speaking engagements, she’s able to share insights that business owners of all kinds can leverage for the future of their business.

Emily is also host of Behind the Review, a podcast from Yelp and Entrepreneur Media that features conversations with business owners and reviewers about their experiences—whether positive or negative —giving listeners behind-the-scenes insights and real life learnings.


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Ryan, or DJ Tempoe, shares how teamwork, cross-training, and clear communication with clients are key to curating the perfect mood for any event.

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After embarking on countless memorable trips together to Greece and Turkey, Rob van den Blink and two of his friends had the idea of bringing the Aegean dining experience to their home in Miami.

The Importance of Communication

According to Megan and Tom Gibbings, communication is the most important component of their successful veterinary practice. They've found it's what sets them apart, and when there's been a challenge or a sticking point, it boils down to a lapse or failure in communication.

The Power of Having Core Values

From the customer experience, down to the employee experience, owner Brian Batch explains that with a core value of "this is fun for us,' it's important that team members feel happy and supported; which ultimately translates to great consumer experiences as well.

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Nestled in the crossroads of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, KC Wineworks is not your typical winery.

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Tune in to hear from Josh Campbell, owner of multi-million dollar HVAC company, as he share what leadership means to him, and how developing that leadership in yourself and your team can help your company grow exponentially.

A Chance to Make it Right

Customer experiences aren't always going to be five-star, but it's what you do with those imperfect experiences that matters.

Putting People First in Your Business

When Alissa Bayer first opened Milk + Honey in downtown Austin, TX, she set out to prove that you can take great care of your employees and still be a profitable, successful company.

Consistency That Keeps Customers Coming Back

Brick 3 Pizza Owner Demetri shares the secret behind making food your customers want to eat 6 days a week and managing a staff that welcomes customers in like family.

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Vadim Nayman, owner of Bagel Master, shares how he believes he can solve any problem without saying no to his customers. He also shares the inside scoop on using social media to stay top of mind.

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