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Small Business Expert at Yelp

As Yelp’s Small Business Expert, Emily is meticulously focused on helping local business owners succeed and grow. Her expertise lies in customer engagement, reputation management, and all things digital marketing. Through speaking engagements and thought leadership, Emily shares industry insights that entrepreneurs in any business category can leverage for the growth and well-being of their businesses. She is also the host of Behind the Review, a podcast from Yelp and Entrepreneur Media, where each episode features conversations with a business owner and a reviewer about the story and lessons behind their interactions.

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Starting a Business

Small Business Owners On Entrepreneurial Challenges And Strategies

Three entrepreneurs from Yelp x Luminary's Fellowship program discuss their strategies for overcoming small business challenges in a demanding entrepreneurial landscape.

Growing a Business

Yelp's Small Business Expert Says This Is What Makes a Mom & Pop Shop Stand Out

Around the country, Yelp is observing which local, independent businesses rise to the top. The ones that do understand something crucial about where they stand in the business landscape, and how to make the most of it.

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The Three Biggest Small Business Questions Answered

To celebrate Yelp and Entrepreneur Media's America's Favorite Mom & Pop Shops™, Yelp's Small Business Expert Emily Washcovick answers the three most common questions she hears from entrepreneurs and explains how Yelp can help with each.

Growing a Business

The Magic That Happens When You Ask Yourself "Why Not?"

Owner of Starbright Floral Design in NYC, Nic Faitos, shares his secrets to success that helped his small flower shop become the premier florist in the city that never sleeps.

Growing a Business

Social Responsibility: The Unexpected Product of a NYC Chocolate Shop

When Rachel Kellner and her husband bought Aigner Chocolates, a longstanding chocolate shop, she brought her values of community and charity to keep the store relevant and successful.

Growing a Business

How Home-Packed Lunches Became a Thriving Business

In this episode, "Mexican Mom" Gina Antimo and her husband Jaime Reverté share how they foster a welcoming, family-like environment in their restaurant through customer service and authentic food.