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McDonald's Introduces a New Dessert Inspired By 'Grandmacore' Trend

McDonald's will launch the "Grandma McFlurry," a limited-time dessert blending syrup, vanilla ice cream and candy pieces, as a tribute to comforting grandmotherly treats — and a nod to a TikTok trend.


'Not What Anybody Signed Up For': A Legal Expert Weighs In on the Labor Rule That Could Destroy Franchising

'Entrepreneur' spoke to labor attorney Jim Paretti to unravel the status of each of the legal challenges to the expanded Joint Employer Rule — and find out what comes next.


This Pizza Chain Will Pay You to Become a Small Business Owner — No Money or Experience Required

Rosati's, a pizza franchise from Illinois, started the program to identify its next generation of leaders.


The IFA Just Released Guidelines to Combat an Industry-Wide Problem. Here's What it Means For Businesses.

The guidelines, part of the responsible franchising initiative, are aimed at strengthening and expanding the franchise industry and franchising model via increased transparency.


After Months of Scrutiny, Roark Capital Finalizes $9.6 Billion Subway Acquisition

The sale, initially announced in August 2023, was delayed by Federal Trade Commission scrutiny.


What the NLRB Appeal of the Expanded Joint Employer Rule Judgment Means for Your Business

With this action by the NLRB, the once-dead expanded rule could be resurrected by a federal appeals court. Here's what to do to protect your business.

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