Slava Bogdan

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
СEO & co-founder of Flowwow

СEO & co-founder of Flowwow, tech-entrepreneur with a 10-year leadership experience in e-commerce business. Building a glocal (global + local) marketplace that brings ultimate joy to your loved ones around the world.

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Business Culture

Avoid These 4 Blunders When Creating a Company Culture

To get a complete picture of whether your brand's atmosphere needs work, observe factors like absenteeism, participation, and body language.


La Generación Z no se preocupa por tus espectaculares, se preocupa por la autenticidad. Así es cómo los líderes empresariales pueden ganar la confianza y lealtad de la Generación Z

El poder adquisitivo de la Generación Z ha alcanzado la impresionante cifra de $360,000 millones de dólares, y pasan más de siete horas al día mirando una pantalla. Con su influencia en el panorama del consumidor ganando cada vez más peso, la Generación Z es una audiencia crítica para cualquier marca que busque lealtad a largo plazo por parte de los clientes.


Gen Z Doesn't Care About Your Billboards — They Care About Authenticity. Here's How Business Leaders Can Gain Gen Z's Trust and Loyalty

Gen Z's buying power has reached a staggering $360 billion, and they spend over seven hours a day looking at screens. With its influence on the consumer landscape only intensifying, Gen Z is a critical audience for any brand seeking long-term customer loyalty.


Why This One Unique Marketing Approach is the Key to Business Growth

Adopting this approach now will help you succeed and see consistent, measurable growth over the long term.

How to Go Green

6 Ways to Build Sustainable Principles Into Your Business

By cultivating a culture of conscientious production and consumption, your business builds a strong team with similar values and attracts a loyal audience that often transforms into brand ambassadors.

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