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5 Key Services Every SME Can Afford to Outsource with MiBusinessAssist It is no great secret that small-business owners need to keep their eye on the ball if they hope to thrive in the current economy. One way to do that is to focus on what matters most, which is winning and retaining new business while leaving other business functions to the experts.

By MiWay

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Courtesy of MiWay
Christiaan Steyn, head of Business Insurance at MiWay

Written by Christiaan Steyn, head of Business Insurance at MiWay

Savvy entrepreneurs are quick to acknowledge the wisdom of delegating tasks to those who are best qualified to do the job. And for small businesses, that often means relying on a trusted service provider who can relieve the owner of the burden of trying to be a jack of all trades.

In recognition of this MiWay Business Insurance introduced MiBusinessAssist to help our clients free themselves from admin and focus on growing their business.

Here are five of those services that MiWay Business Insurance clients can access today:

1. Financial advice

Few small businesses can afford to keep a financial advisor on their payroll to help with the more complex aspects of staying profitable. With MiBusinessAssist, clients have access to highly skilled financial advisors who are able to provide guidance on a host of business-critical financial matters.

These range from the basics such as budgeting and financial planning, to providing tax advice. It should come as no surprise that cash flow and debtor's management is a high priority in the current economic climate, with advisors able to guide clients through formal debt reviews, wellness and counselling.

Services such as financial advice allow clients to plan for the future. Risk and investment planning are key to ensuring that business owners have the right structures in place to preserve their legacy well into the future.

2. Marketing

Getting your brand noticed by the right customers is crucial to winning new business. In an era of digital marketing in which new tools and opportunities are emerging at a break-neck speed, MiBusinessAssist offers a steady and knowledgeable rudder to guide small business owners.

This ranges from simple services such as designing a logo, registering a web domain and producing a starter web page to more advanced solutions. Our marketing experts are able to help develop longer-term traction through campaigns, setting up a presence on key social media platforms and developing a full-blown corporate identity.

3. Legal advice

Having a lawyer on your side gives any business owner a tremendous sense of comfort in comparison to not having one, which is why this is a key offering from MiBusinessAssist.

This 24-hour service helps clients access a network of qualified lawyers, advocates and legal consultants able to take care of any business or personal legal matters. This includes a free 30-minute consultation per matter and a library of free legal documents for anything from contracts and agreements to wills.

4. Labour advice

Staying on the right side of the labour laws as a small business owner need not be a case of luck over preparation. Employing or contracting staff can be a legal nightmare if you are not properly prepared.

For this reason, MiBusinessAssist offers clients a 24/7 call centre to help with simple risk and advisory consultations, as well as a wealth of labour-related templates and agreements. Should you need it, our labour experts can help with more complex CCMA and Bargaining Council matters, union negotiations and strike actions, as well as the retrenchment process.

5. Licence disc and traffic fine support

It's easy to fall foul of the authorities when you're focused on selling, but this is something that MiWay Business Insurance clients no longer need to worry about. This service alerts business owners when a fine is incurred and reminds them when a licence is due for renewal. In addition to these notifications, an intuitive online portal simplifies the payment process and reduces stress and time out of the office since the renewed licence discs are delivered by courier.

With all these services on hand, MiWay Business customers are supported through every eventuality.

MiWay Insurance was the first South African-based direct insurance company to offer the purchase and administration of short-term insurance policies online. MiWay was launched in 2008 as an initiative between Santam, Sanlam and PSG.

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