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Turn Your Property Development Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Gig Find your first property and invest wisely on the side with GetSmarter and UCT's Property Development and Investment online course.

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Are you interested in turning your part-time job in property development into a full-time job? If you are, here are three ways to get started.

1. Test the waters by investing in your first property to see if it is something you're interested in and if it suits your goals.

2. Do some research on the industry. Find out how things work and determine whether it's something you want to pursue full-time. A great place to start is the Property Woolf podcast, which discusses the ins and outs of property investment in South Africa.

3. Complete an online short course, such as the one offered by GetSmarter.

Start the journey to becoming an expert

If you're ready to actively learn as much as you can to start this journey, the University of Cape Town's (UCT) Property Development and Investment online course, presented by GetSmarter, has been designed for you.

After completing this eight-week online course, you will have learnt the rules of the game, gotten to know the industry and be ready to take the next step to grow your portfolio and make it a full-time income.

Africa is at the forefront of property development

Did you know that property is South Africa's third largest market? With multiple emerging economies, Africa is at the forefront for property development and investment globally.

With UCT's Property Development and Investment course, you'll earn the skills needed to expand your asset portfolio, become a lucrative property developer, make decisions on potential investment opportunities, learn to effectively conduct property management and set yourself apart as a property entrepreneur.

Guided by industry experts with years of experience in the property development market, you'll walk away with a portfolio of evidence backed by UCT.

Professor Francois Viruly is a Property Economist and Associate Professor at UCT, and Sean Godoy is an Independent Property Consultant. Together, they have designed this course specifically for you to maximise your potential within property entrepreneurship.

With this UCT property course, you'll be confident in your ability to navigate multiple facets of the property industry, giving you an understanding on everything from commercial to corporate property management. It will enable you to articulate your need for funding on a particular property project to banks and investors. Helping you to develop a commercially-viable property development plan that highlights market research, feasibility studies and financial return.

On the course, you can expect to learn from these specialists via online video lectures, which will be accessible to you anywhere, any time.

To learn more, download the prospectus here.

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