Legal Matters

Growth Strategies

Does Your Business Own its Copyrights?

Your business and how the proposed amendments to copyright laws will affect it.


The Business Of Shares In A Private Company

The not-so-glamorous but extremely necessary realities of creating an investable and saleable company starts with statutory records and share registers.


Have You Hired Independent Contractors Or Employees?

With the rise of the gig and on-demand economies as well as remote workplaces, the question of whether an 'independent contractor' is in fact an employee is perhaps more significant than ever.


Search Engines, Social Media And The 'Right To Be Forgotten'

If your business isn't protected against the improper use of data – particularly online – there may be far-reaching consequences on an individual and company level.


Can Your Words Be Used Against You?

Yes, they most certainly can. Here's what the RICA Act has to say about recordings.