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A Day in the Life

Wondering what a regular workday might be like once you get your business off the ground? Of course, "regular" means different things to different people. Many variables may affect your day, such as whether you have a home office or an office away from home; whether you're working full time or part time; and whether you serve mostly corporate clients or mostly personal clients.

To give you an idea of what the workday could be like, we asked Cynthia A. to detail a typical day (if such a thing exists for concierges) in her work life.

"Well, today, for instance," she told us, "I have a client who lives in Virginia and has a relative moving into a nursing home in San Diego. The family couldn't fly out on such short notice so I handled all the details. I went over to the relative's home and helped a mover pack things up.

"There were things that I could tell were personal mementos, so I gathered a few of those and I took them to the relative, who was in the hospital recuperating from a stroke. And when I stopped by the hospital, I ended up staying over an hour and sitting with someone I'd never met because I knew she didn't have anyone else nearby."

After she left the hospital, she made some arrangements for another out-of-state client who wanted to spend Christmas holidays at his beach house in California. "I took care of all the details to set up a Christmas tree at his beach house, as well as making arrangements for his mother to send a package to me with his own Christmas ornaments," she says.

She spent the rest of her day returning phone calls, answering e-mails, meeting with the partners at her company, and being interviewed for this book.

Was the day Cynthia described a typical day for her? Well, she and the other concierges we interviewed said that no two days are alike in their business and that variety is one of the aspects that drew many of them to the business. The one thing they know they'll be doing every day is juggling many tasks, and they must be prepared to do that.

Concierges also say no two clients are the same. Some clients call and want something done yesterday; others generally give the concierge some notice. But as a rule, most concierges said they receive lots of last-minute requests. "It can definitely throw a wrench in things if you're going in one direction and have to change your pace," Cynthia says. "But it's also par for the course, and it's one of the things I enjoy about my work--the unknown."

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