Gwen Moran

Gwen Moran

Gwen Moran is a freelance writer and co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Plans (Alpha, 2010).

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Sell Buzz 03/05

Customer feedback, loyalty programs and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 02/05

Benefiting from blogs, satisfied e-customers and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Capture the Tag

Are RFID tags in danger of being hacked?
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Try Before You Buy

It is possible to test-drive your dream business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Fast Lane

A new concept in retail is popping up all over.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 01/05

Partnering with the big guys, Yellow Page searches and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 12/04

Mints for Santa, net service at Sam's Club and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's It Worth?

Get your prices right, or it'll cost you.

Cheap Marketing Tactics

Getting word of your biz out on the street is worth any price, but with these seven techniques you'll hardly spend a dime.

Seven Cheap and Easy Ways to Get the Word Out

Getting word of your business out on the street is worth a fortune. Use these techniques, and it won't cost you one!
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 11/04

Getting answers, abandoned shopping carts and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Local Motion

For a competitive edge, offer items made locally.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 10/04

Marketing law basics, banning pop-up ads and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Scare Tactics

Creative ways to profit from Halloween
Selling Online

After the Sale

You've sold your product. What's next? Use these tips for successful shipping, returns and refunds, feedback and dealing with payment problems.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 09/04

Proposal writing tips, advertising in blogs and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bull in a China Shop?

If that's how parents feel bringing kids into your store, they'll pass you by.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 08/04

Marketing during slow news times, rich Web content for less and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Everything in Its Place

Can the art of feng shui help you optimize your business?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 07/04

Creating a memorable atmosphere, a marketing treasure chest and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Inside Scoop

One expert's take on today's retail scene
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 06/04

Building a fan base, inexpensive market research and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tourist Trade

Find out how to capture a customer base that's on the move.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 05/04

New market sectors, renting marketing pros and more
Entrepreneur Magazine

In Tandem

Stop credit card fraud by pairing solid policies with new technology.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 04/04

Sponsored weddings and boosting customer interaction
Entrepreneur Magazine

Feed the Need

Can serving up food and drink improve your sales?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Marketing Buzz 03/04

Getting A-list clients
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Clothes Call

Tips for creating uniforms that work
Entrepreneur Magazine

Get In the Game

Score marketing points with video game product placement.

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