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Jeff Elgin

Jeff Elgin has almost 20 years of experience franchising, both as a franchisee and a senior franchise company executive. He's currently the CEO of FranChoice Inc., a company that provides free consulting to consumers looking for a franchise that best meets their needs. Elgin also has made numerous speeches to franchise industry groups and at conventions on topics ranging from development strategies to the value of growth for all stakeholders in a franchise company.

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Franchising ROI: What's Reasonable?

Franchising ROI: What's Reasonable?

How to determine whether a franchise investment makes financial sense
Finance Your Franchise With Retirement Funds

Finance Your Franchise With Retirement Funds

If you're having trouble getting franchise financing from the traditional sources, consider this alternative.
April 23, 2010 in Franchise Buying Guide
Thanking Veterans Is Great for Business

Thanking Veterans Is Great for Business

Franchises are finding that veterans make fantastic business owners.
April 7, 2010 in Franchises
License to Thrive

License to Thrive

Medical franchises are just the latest in a long line of franchise opportunities that recruit licensed professionals as franchisees.
March 23, 2010 in Franchises

The Truth About Franchise Earnings

Why franchises play it so close to the vest when it comes to money--and what it means to you
March 5, 2010 in Researching a Franchise
Dirty Jobs: the Secret to Success in 2010

Dirty Jobs: the Secret to Success in 2010

If you're searching for a recession-proof franchise, consider getting into the business of 'dirty jobs.'
February 8, 2010 in Franchises

Refranchising: Should You Buy In?

Consider these factors before buying a company-owned franchise unit.

Get in the Driver's Seat

Love cars? That love might just make you the perfect franchisee.
September 29, 2009 in Buying a Franchise Coach Jeff Elgin

Looking for a Great Business Idea? Stay Home

A tour of the typical home reveals numerous opportunities to start a home services franchise.

5 Franchise Marketing Essentials

Look for these qualities before you make an investment.

10 Things About Franchise Contracts- Part 2

Part two in the series of understanding the ins and outs of a franchise agreement contract, and how to protect yourself.

10 Things About Franchise Contracts- Part 1

Reading the fine print and asking questions can save you from franchise calamity.