Tracy Stapp Herold

Tracy Stapp Herold

Tracy Stapp Herold is the special projects editor at Entrepreneur magazine. She works on franchise and business opportunity stories and listings, including the annual Franchise 500.

30 Recent Stories

Success Stories

Breaking the Mold

Dog collars in the vending machines? A personal trainer on a computer chip? Why didn't we think of that?

Retail Franchises to Start Now

From pets to furniture to health products, you'll surely find something to love in our list of 123 retail franchises.
Starting a Business

Doing What They Love

LA Boxing and Fetch! Pet Care gave 2 franchisees the chance to become business owners.

On a Budget?

Here are 85 franchises you can start for less than $25,000.
Entrepreneur Magazine

All The Best

Presenting the 110 leading franchises in their categories
Entrepreneur Magazine

Help is Here

With their unique concept, a couple is helping seniors in more ways than one.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

All in the Family

Between raising kids and raising sales, these franchisees found a way to have it all.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

I Did It My Way

Opening a tech support franchise gave Chris Long the freedom to be himself.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Keep It Clean

How did Craig Taylor build his franchise? By getting his hands dirty.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Get Happy

How one woman went from enduring corporate gloom to living the sweet life.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Making Order Out Of Chaos

3 friends head to the garage to help customers get their acts together.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Making the Cut

A kid-friendly hair salon left no doubt in one couple's minds: They wanted their turn in the chair.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Perfect Fit

These creative fitness businesses shaped up into franchises.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Way to Give

Franchises reward individuals and focus on promoting the greater good.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Hot Wheels

The latest in fun franchising: renting motorcycles to thrill-seeking travelers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ready to Sell

Opening his franchise on a tight schedule wasn't easy, but Jim Solis was up to the challenge.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Flexible Hours

A staffing agency finds its niche pairing moms and others with jobs that match their schedules.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Get Inspired

Think owning a franchise will stifle your creative side? These companies show how fun franchising can be.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Cool Factor

One taste of gelato wasn't enough--so this entrepreneur bought the business.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Made in the Shade

One woman's search for her favorite threads turned up a cool business.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Pet Project

A desire to help customers--and their owners--spells success.

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