Tracy Stapp Herold

Tracy Stapp Herold

Tracy Stapp Herold is the special projects editor at Entrepreneur magazine. She works on franchise and business opportunity stories and listings, including the annual Franchise 500.

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Food for the Soul

A tasty opportunity has entrepreneurs asking, "Dinner, anyone?"
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Game Plan

This company's approach to direct sales? Let the good times roll.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Going for the Green

A love of golf and prior sales experience put a franchisee right on course.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Summer Lovin'

A former lifeguard keeps cool with his frozen beverage franchise.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Making the Cut

Going from health care to hair care, an entrepreneur finds a new style.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Taking on a Sports Franchise... and More

An entrepreneur scores a new career in one of his favorite pastimes.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Franchising for Kids

These entrepreneurs are serious about their kid-friendly franchises.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Perfect Fit

This jack-of-all-trades became a master of one: real estate.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Never Say Die

How a family beat the odds (and the weather) to improve a franchise
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Mom's Tale

Once upon a time, an enterprising mom saved a struggling franchise . . .
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 11/02

Going online means customers can do it all at this energy franchise.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Balloon Business Takes Off

With helium balloons, this Conwin Carbonic franchisee makes sculptures, centerpieces, bouquets...and a business.

Your Old Phones Can Help College Entrepreneurs

Donate your old wireless phones to RadioShack, and help out some enterprising students in return.
Young Entrepreneurs

How Do I Write a Business Plan?

Behind every good business is a good business plan. Here are the 6 essentials.
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