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Growing Strong

Celebrating the growing power of women's businesses, Entrepreneur and the Women Presidents' Organization teamed up to bring you the top 50 fastest-growing women-led companies. Meet our No.1 fastest-growing entrepreneur and find out how we chose our top 50.

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Exceeding expectations is Amy Langer's . When she and partner John Folkestad, 40, first wrote the for Salo LLC, a senior-level and accounting staffing , they anticipated sales of about $9 million by their third year in business--no small feat. "Most of our advisors [told us], 'These projections are unreal. No does this,'" recalls Langer, 35. "We hit $9 million after two years."

Through her background in staffing, Langer discovered a need in the marketplace to supply with top accounting and finance talent. Meeting that need triggered explosive growth for Salo, which launched in 2002. By 2006, sales hit $32.1 million, with 2007 projections of over $40 million. Attracting top-notch talent for outside contractors and her own staff is key to managing the company's astronomical growth, she says. Langer surrounds herself with people who are not only exceptional at what they do, but who also complement her skill set and help take the company to the next level. "I know where I'm strong, and I know where I definitely need people to help me," she says.

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