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Watch This Webinar On Security Solutions All Business Owners Should Know

Watch This Webinar On Security Solutions All Business Owners Should Know
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Network security is an important issue for every business on multiple fronts. Business leaders must protect their online operations from malware and other cyber-attacks, and also take measures to ensure their customers’ sensitive information is kept safe from identity thieves. Learn about what three small-to-midsize businesses are doing to lock down their networks and data, fight cybercriminals, protect employees and more in this final installment of Comcast’s four-part Ready to Launch webinar series. 

Watch a recording of this special webinar instantly to learn how entrepreneurs on the panel have leveraged security solutions to protect networks, secure financial and client data; and defend against ransomeware and other threats. 


  • Jennifer Shaheen, founder, Technology Therapy Group


  • Kevin Haley, director, Symantec Security Response
  • Chris Noles, president, Beyond Computer Solutions
  • Steve Rynbrandt, partner, Intelligent AV

Click here to watch a free recording of this event now.

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