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Dubai Based Inventors Receive International Acclaim for Environmental Sustainability Solutions

We have another interesting founder story to tell. Today we met Aspetto company which the founders are Sajjad Yaghoubi, Mohammad Ali Kheirollah and Omar Abdulaziz Eshaq Abdulrahman Al Alshaikh.

Courtesy of Stankevicius MGM

1. Could you share how you started your entrepreneurial journey and at what point you started succeeding in business?

The UAE named 2015 as the Year of Innovation, we like most of the country were inspired to be part of the UAE Vision 2021 towards making the county amongst the most innovative in the world. The government aims to realize this vision through innovative talent, resources, legislations and infrastructure. It is understood that everyone has an integral role in this economy that is both highly productive and competitive and driven by entrepreneurs through solid partnerships by the public and private sectors.

Having Sajjad Yaghoubi, a young genius who has been named by Global Media as a next Bill Gates on the team is an integral asset towards fulfilling the dream of being part of this great this innovative legacy.

We are blessed to have achieved substantial outcomes in our early stages by registering 4 patents in the past year and by receiving 3 international awards for our inventions.  These include a Gold Medal from the British Invention Show in the field of Environmental Health. 

2. You are heavily involved in the patent business, as you have patented many robotics and other inventions. Could you tell is your company working on any new patents at the moment?

Yes, absolutely we are always working simultaneously on various projects. As of yet, we have patents valued at $50 million USD.  We are dedicated to increasing the number patents coming from UAE based inventors and seeing those patents materialize into actuality.

As you can imagine, we cannot reveal further details on the upcoming projects but we can tell you that like most of our other patents we are continuing to focus on 2 of the 7 Innovation Priority Sectors as outlined in the National Innovation Strategy (NIS). Those are Renewable and Clean Energy and Water.

3. Recently you attended Swiss Global competition with your company and achieved significant success for your business. Could you tell us what happened in the competition and how did the competition impacted your business?

In April, we showcased our work at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. This immense event was equally humbling and inspirational. The Swiss Federal Government with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) brought together over 700 exhibitors from 48 countries.

We were ecstatic to receive the Gold Medal for innovations in the field of Environmental Health. We were also honored to have been congratulated by the Ambassador of the UAE to Geneva HE Obaid Salem Al Zaabi.

On our visit to the UAE Mission in Geneva we had the opportunity to present our award winning Robotic Tree invention that we are currently looking for partners to produce in time for Expo 2020

The Giant Tree Robotics Air Purifier as the name suggests, is a giant tree shaded rest area for the community.  It’s a unique addition to the urban landscape as it is aesthetically pleasing and practical. It not only works as an air purifier, removing dust and other impurities from the atmosphere, it also converts humidity from the air into purified water! The Robotic Tree is powered entirely by solar energy, and comes equipped with a Wi-Fi network.

4. Your company has offices across the world, and it looks like you are doing fine, but every entrepreneur has a big vision. What is your vision for your company and where do you see your company in the next 5-10 years?

As a company from Dubai, it is inherent to dream and achieve big. We aim to to provide valuable contributions towards the vision of our wise leadership H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai for a country where innovation is a cornerstone of social and economic development.

We measure our success on how able we were to create innovative sustainable solutions that will improve our communities’ overall quality of life.

We are currently engaging with stakeholders in the community to better understand the needs in order to customize the inventions for UAE based requirements.

We are working on expanding our partnerships to include both the private and public sector. We are reaching out to the already existing initiatives in the field renewable and clean energy such as Masdar and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.

5. What could you recommend for ambitious entrepreneurs who are starting new ventures or having some tough times in their entrepreneurial journey? What tips can you give to overcome the volatile business life, keep emotions in place and not give up?

An entrepreneur’s life is colored with risks, lessons learned and large-scale ambitions. We at Aspetto “Remain optimistic but prepare for the worst”.

As we are continuously looking forward towards our next big achievement we sometimes forget to enjoy the ride. One of the things that has made our journey more fulfilling is remembering our central mandate of making a positive impact on our community.

So as we grow, so does our CSR strategy. We in the UAE are commemorating 2018 as the Year of Zayed in memory of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Founding Father of the UAE, who passed away in 2004.  There is a sense of solidarity as our community has come together to celebrate his legacy much of which centers around selfless giving.

We strongly believe that as we develop ourselves further to become more productive and capable contributors of society so will the level of our success.