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INGOT Coin | Brand Spotlight Partner What is this?

Cross Investment Platform Ingot Coin Merges Crypto, Fiat, and Traditional Securities All In One Place

Ingot Coin utilizes smart contracts on the blockchain harnessing its protocols to connect the execution of traditional financial instruments, overcoming outside impedances that bind overseers from the majority of cryptocurrency related investments. The IC Ecosystem functions from this particular framework that will broadly unify market investors by improving asset liquidity, where before this was quite challenging or without solution.

Courtesy of INGOT Coin

Within their digital exchange and brokerage, customers are given the ability to convert fiat and cryptocurrencies with traditional assets such as stocks and commodities. Blockchain improves upon all data ledgering where its decentralization increases asset tradability while ensuring speedier transactions along with lower costs.

The usage of smart contracts has driven many to consider new ways in dealing with trading restrictions. While a few endeavors are starting to understand the industry’s progress, others are trailing behind by not exploring functions of blockchain technology to optimize transactional performance.

By utilizing smart-contracts, Ingot Coin is working towards these efficiencies in regards to both cost and time, thereby extending comprehensive solutions to reluctant market purveyors.

IC is creating a phenomenal, a first-of-its-kind powerful solution in the context of blockchain progression that will marry crypto markets with the immediate pre-existing money markets, giving a one-stop platform that empowers individuals to perform and execute transactions on exchanges in accordance with their immediate financial needs.

Ingot Coin is the first wholly joined Digital Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and ICO Accelerator. All parts are moved into conditions which rewards token holders and purchasers for participating in their ecosystem.

The IC system is decentralized, propelling money-giving conditions and rebates inside its standardized system, built upon the Ethereum blockchain utilizing the ERC-20 standard tokenization method.

The crypto and the standard financial markets are exceptionally confined in attempting to navigate or move their capital from one market to the other. The disengagement leads to the eventual outcome of tremendous trade costs, time and money. These costs provoke adversities, which limits examiners from partaking in the current market. Ingot Coin hopes to relieve such deficits and remove apprehension for investors on both sides.

Market individuals are constantly chasing down ways to deal with expanding their advantages. Given the non-appearance of the relationship among crypto and the traditional markets, individuals are either unfit to move funds between different markets in a reasonable timespan or are kept by the costs identified with doing in that capacity.

IC Digital Bank is coupled with a fully integrated cryptographic wallet offering a conduit for both fiat and crypto currencies. Additionally, the IC Accelerator and IC Certifier gives their members the training, certifications, and guidance necessary to navigate the disparate token and traditional economies.

Accessing traditional banking services, liquidity pools of cryptocurrencies, digital wallets and traditional asset markets is the solution Ingot Coin is pioneering, while making headway with strategically partnering with other ICOs to strengthen its infrastructure, such as Zichain, Stella, and Bineuro.

A recent partnership with GMEX extends Ingot Coin’s reach to maximize their overall capacity for trading efficiencies while optimizing technological advancements in financial market innovation.

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