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Entrepreneurs Share Their Definition of Success

Success is a relative term which means that it is different for everyone. Basically, the difference lies in the goals. I asked entrepreneurs about how do they define success. As per my expectation, every entrepreneur defined success differently. Here's how they defined "success."

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Not Being Afraid to Fail

Success is not being afraid to fail. Each failure it's a great opportunity to keep improving and making your company better. Success shouldn't be an objective per se but a consequence of a well-done job. Wei Hsu, CEO of Ins Consulting.

Happy & Content

Success is when you seal a new deal, whether it be a new supplier or a new sale. Every part of the company's operation that leads to a revenue rise is success. The more you work on the micro parts of the company the more you will see things fall into place. Even if you company is not earning you millions, there's always scope to improve and grow. Get the right team who are experts in their field, this will play a big role in sealing the next sale! Yarl Christie, CEO of Lifestyle Flooring.

Reaching Your Main Goal

Success is reaching your main goal, to do so you need to create a roadmap with daily goals and overcome obstacles step by step. I think the keystone is learning to think outside the box. The number one enemy is the routine, on one side it allows to face the day more easily, on the other one it doesn't permit to think in a dynamic and different way, same routine leads to same results. Then define your goal and find the way to reach it. Giovanbattista Cimmino, Founder of Zapphyr Ltd and Zapphyre LLC.

Creating Something New

For me, success happens when we are able to create something new, something that hasn't been invented before. And with that creation, we would be able to help humankind to have easier life. It can be in form of advanced technology development, or just a simple way to make our life better. Before starting any kind of new business, I always ask myself, "Will I be able to create something new, innovative, by doing this business?". Mardigu Wowiek Prasantyo CEO and Founder of Cyronium.

Building Relationships

As the founder and chief of an inventory management software company, success to me isn't necessarily about closing a sale or selling my software. That's far too short term! In my industry, it's all about relationships. It's about identifying someone's business problem and solving it for them using my business experience and tools. Once I've established myself as someone credible and who can help them, success -- and sales -- will surely follow. Benjamin Yee, CEO of EMERGE App.

To be a Role Model for Others

For Success??? If I remember to wash my hair every day I would call that a success!

I’ve already answered this for Entrepreneur Magazine…a lot of people think success is money, car, boats, plane, having  yourself mentioned in all these publications, or random people recognizing you in public. but it's not, for me that is. For me it's being able to look back and see my company that started from scratch with now over 8K clients world-wide. Knowing that the company has given so many people employment, and helped over thousands of clients each year. Its having my family proud of who I am. My kids want to be me when I grow up. That is Success to me. Sounds cheesy but that's the truth! Kris Degioia, CEO of  worldwide marketing firm, WTF Multimedia.