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Sign of the Times

I'm writing to acknowledge [Andre Jehan of Pizza Schmizza's] idea on homeless people holding advertising signs ("Hot Seat," November). Bravo! I have a heart for homeless people, and I dig that you are trying to "kill two birds with one stone" with this idea. If you give people responsibility, who knows what they're capable of. Keep up the good work.

Barbara Semple
Santa Barbara, California

International Relations

I am 19 years old. I spent my last high school year in Michigan. I lived there with a great host family, and we had a lot of fun together. I like the American people and their education system a lot, so I decided to continue my studies [back home at] American University in Kosovo (AUK).

AUK is the first and only American university in Kosovo that gives the Kosovar students a chance to study in a high-quality university, improve their knowledge and learn more about American culture.

I had the chance to present your great article "Getting Past 'No'" ("Sales Success," June), and when I spoke to my audience, they said those were very useful tips for their businesses.

Nektar Kryeziu
Via e-mail

Name Up in Lights

I would like to thank both your magazine and one of your columnists, Geoff Williams, for in part inspiring me to start my own business magazine.

For years, I have wanted to write for your magazine; similarly, for years, I have wanted to write for Back Stage, the theater newspaper in New York City-but to no avail. I decided to stop waiting and start taking action. I [planned] to nip both dreams in the bud at the same time: I was going to start my own business magazine for those on the creative end of show business.

Well, it is now a reality! Startup to Stardom, the first business magazine for actors, artists and anyone on their way to the top, is now officially at the printer. It is a cross between Entrepreneur and The Hollywood Reporter with one purpose: to show actors and artists that they, too, are entrepreneurs, and that, with the proper attitude and business sense, they can absolutely succeed in the toughest business in the world.

I am very excited to receive this first issue and am especially proud because I managed to pay for the first printing of 1,000 copies entirely through advertising sales. Apparently, a break-even on the first issue of a magazine is quite an accomplishment. This first printing will be available at no charge at many show-business-related establishments throughout New York City. Thanks for your great magazine! You have been an inspiration.

Monroe Mann
Startup to Stardom
New York City

Rave Review

You [recently] included my company in an article titled "Retailiatory Strike" (December 2002). I have to admit that before your writers contacted me, I wasn't that familiar with your magazine and/or its content. As soon as the article ran, we began getting calls from prospective licensees as well as customers interested in purchasing our products. It was one of the best things that ever happened [to] our company. After that, I occasionally purchased Entrepreneur magazine, mostly in airports so I could feel productive on long flights. I suppose I have the same disease most entrepreneurs have-I am addicted to being productive!

I must say, I found your magazine to be extremely useful to myself and my business. As I came across topics of interest, I would dog-ear the page. On average I was dog-earing about 10 pages, which means that there were [approximately] 10 topics that I felt would be helpful to my business. There were some [ideas] that I implemented immediately, and I saw instant results in the form of sales!

Finally, I subscribed. Of course, I could have subscribed 10 times for what I had invested in purchasing the magazine at the bookstore! Not only did I subscribe, but I also sent memos to all our licensees recommending that they subscribe. So what's the purpose of this letter, you ask? Well, I was raving to one of our managers about the benefits of your magazine, and he said, "Why don't you tell them?" So I am.

Thank you for helping my business and many others like mine.

Byron Young
Corda-Roys Originals Inc.
Gainesville, Florida

Correction: The Web site for iGolf Technologies ("Gear," December) is

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