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The Power Of Simplicity: Avoiding Workplace Complications

It’s not always easy. What does that mean, and why? We make most things in our lives difficult, and they don’t have to be. Life is simple, but we persist...

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How to Schedule Alternative Activities to Limit Kids' Screen Time

Every time you turn around, your kids are staring at a smartphone or screen. Of course, they like playing video games, texting with friends, watching television, and surfing the internet...

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How to Find the Best Deals When Booking Your Next Trip

For some people, the worst part of their vacation is planning the details. But this is where you can get the most for your money and ensure you book as...

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10 Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors This Summer

Summertime is a great opportunity to get your kids outdoors and active. But for parents, it can be tough to find ways to keep them busy and entertained. Luckily, there...

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10 Checklist Items to Cross Off During Your Next Vacation

Part of the fun of a vacation is to explore places and sights unseen, to learn about new locations and cultures. It’s not always about the destination, but what you...

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4 Ways to Use Your Online Calendar to Manage Your Kid's Schedules

While kids don’t have to worry about keeping a job, paying bills, or anything else, they still stay incredibly busy. School hours are long and filled with a myriad of...