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What is the Best Thing to Do With an Inherited Annuity

I am by no means a financial wizard. So, I was taken aback several years ago when a friend asked for some serious financial advice. He had recently re...

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What is a Non Qualified Annuity?

The other day I stopped by a deli to grab a sandwich for lunch. Since it was cash-only, the process was simple for all parties involved. I order my sa...

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What is an Immediate Annuity

Last week I turned on the air conditioner for the first time this year. Much to my chagrin, it wasn't working properly. So, I had to have someone come...

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5 Keys to Successful Retirement

Despite their best efforts, Millennials and Zoomers are facing an uphill battle when it comes to saving for retirement. Hyperbolic as it sounds, some have even proclaimed that retirement might only be a pipe dream for these generations. And, that might be some validity to that claim. A report from the Brookings Institute found that […]The post 5 Keys to Successful Retirement appeared first on Due.