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Booting the Big 4

Tired of sky-high fees and skimpy service? Smaller audit firms can give you the personalized and professional attention you're seeking.

Piece of the Pie

If your industry's facing consolidation, forming your own holding company may keep your business from getting swept up by the big guys.

Strike a Match

Offering company stock in your 401(k) plan can be risky business--learn how to avoid getting burned when playing with matches.
Growth Strategies

What to Know Before You Export

Small businesses need better education, access to finances and forward thinking to begin exporting products to overseas markets.

New Way to 7(a)

With no more federal subsidy, entrepreneurs are uncertain about the future of small-business loans.

Credit Card Rewards

Reap rewards automatically when you use credit--or debit--cards to pay recurring bills.

A Class Act

Whether in an MBA program or an online course, hitting the books can help you stay on top.

House of Plastic

Thinking of charging your startup costs? Here are the pros and cons of using credit cards to finance your biz.

Should You Offer Credit Terms?

Extending credit to your customers can be a boon to your business, but only if you do it wisely.

Know Where Your Cash Is?

Feel like your cash only flows in one direction -- out? These cash-flow tips will help you get back in control.

A Loan Time

With small-business lending up across the board, now's a great time to get the capital you need.

Minority Report

VC firms are becoming more diverse--but does that mean more funding for minority-owned businesses?

Relief Valve?

Done right, a private investment in public equity, or PIPE, could bring your business much-needed cash.

Raise Your Voice

A new committee promises to give small businesses a say in accounting standards. But will it help?

Money to Burn?

Before you go on a spending spree with your surplus cash, get your priorities straight.