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Cynthia E. Griffin

Starting a Business

They're Certifiable!

Need <i>big </i>bucks? Find accredited investors.


Corporate America reaches out to entrepreneurs.


Tech start-ups get boost from scholarships offered by a local business club.

A Few Good Women

. . . are needed to fill a communications industry void.

Inside Investing

Ever wonder what goes on behind the doors of a venture capital firm?


Credit card company creates entrepreneur-friendly program.


Business-plan contest targets Peach State entrepreneurs.
Starting a Business


Center answers intellectual property questions.

Wanna Make Millions?

This contest makes it possible

Money Master

Helping women overcome their Achilles' heel
Starting a Business

In For the Count

Sharing the wealth is what it's all about.

Raising Money

The secret to your financial smarts might be in the way you were brought up.

Culture Club

Cultural diversity is this entrepreneur's game.

Doing It For Themselves

Woman investors are changing business.