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3 Financial Stocks That Investors Wouldn't Touch With a 100-Foot Barge Pole

Higher interest rates are beneficial for the financial industry. However, not all financial companies can capitalize on the current interest rate environment. Given the lingering macroeconomic concerns, it could be...

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These 2 Insurance Stocks Are the Top Buys for May

With the Fed announcing its tenth interest rate hike this week, the insurance industry is in a sweet spot as high-interest rates benefit insurers. Hence, investing in fundamentally strong insurance...

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3 of the Worst Consumer Financial Services Stocks to Own in May

Despite the rising interest rates, the consumer financial services industry could remain under pressure due to the tighter lending standards and the chances of a recession later this year. Therefore,...

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3 Stocks to Protect Your Portfolio Amid Inflation Concerns

Despite showing signs of cooling down, inflation remains a concern for the Fed as it is far off its 2% target. Investors looking to secure their portfolios against the expected...

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Are These 3 Stocks Leading the Fintech Movement?

The fintech industry witnessed explosive growth over the past few years, led by industry giants Visa and Mastercard. However, SoFi Technologies failed to keep up and is struggling to stay...

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Ready to Dive Into Virtual Reality? Consider These 3 Stocks for Your Portfolio

Virtual Reality (VR) is now widely available to the public, thanks to the advancements in hardware and software. Given the growing applicability of VR across various industries, it could be...