Jane Easter Bahls

Hitting Hard

Piracy laws just got tougher.
Growth Strategies

How Good Is Your Employee Handbook

Does your employee handbook give you enough authority?
Growth Strategies

Do Non-Compete Agreements Work?

Protect yourself against competition from ex-workers.

Behind the Mask

When the corporation doesn't protect its owner
Growth Strategies

Should You Monitor Employee E-mail?

How closely can you monitor employee e-mail?
Growth Strategies

Protecting Your Company's Secrets

Keep the lid on your confidential information.
Growth Strategies

Monitoring Your Employees' E-Mail

How closely can you monitor employee e-mail?

What Did I Say?

Be a responsible reference.

Shred Away?

Why you need a document retention plan
Growth Strategies

Solving Problems With Your Neighbors

Fix a rift with a neighboring business without your lawyer.
Growth Strategies

What Should Your Personnel Files Contain?

Don't get burned by overly personal personnel files.
Growth Strategies

Are You Liable for Your Employees' Bad Actions?

Is a misogynistic manager liable for harassment?

Action Sacked

A new law aims to protect you from class-action suits.

E-Mediate Needs

Caught in an e-commerce clash? Use an e-mediator.
Growth Strategies

If It Ain't Broke . . .

Don't even try to fix prices with competitors.