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10 signs you're living with a homebased business owner

Author Finds Joy And Balance In Autonomy

James Chan recognizes a new breed in homebased entrepreneurs: The <i>Spare Room Tycoon</i>.

Nap to Be More Productive

Napping has often been hailed as a productivity boost. Aren't you lucky your bed is just a few sleepy steps away?

Where'd You Get That Idea?

Sitting on the toilet, soaking in the tub--what better place to brainstorm? Just don't tell your client where you got your inspiration.

The Seven-Year-Itch: Are You Bored With Your Business?

Can't find the motivation to drag yourself from your bed to your office? Scanning the want ads instead of the business section? Read on to find out how to scratch that dissatisfaction itch.

Mixing Business With Summer

Who says there's no cure for the summertime blues? Take advantage of your homebased status this summer by taking to the great outdoors.

Protect Yourself From Phone Scams

There's nothing worse than having to pay a phone bill--unless it's a bill where you've been slammed or crammed. Here are some steps you can take to guard against scams.

SOHO Summit Shines Spotlight on Homebased Business Owners

Last month, corporate America met at the SOHO Summit to discuss a lucrative marketing opportunity: you. Find out if they're getting any closer to understanding your consumer needs.

All Dressed Up...

Slippers or slacks: Do the clothes make the homebased entrepreneur?

Get The Connection

New homes come complete with high-speed wiring in new Colorado community.

When Your Shipment Comes In.

Now FedEx delivers to your home office

History in the Making

Tax program gives back to historic fixer-uppers

As Safe As Houses

Bill seeks to keep OSHA out of teleworkers' homes for good.

Thrill Of The Game

Homebased entrepreneurs work hard and play hard.

Meet and Greet

We used to be jealous of the corporate types when it came to networking-but now it's the 21st century, now we have technology, and now home offices are coming together.
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