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3 Stocks to Avoid Even Though They're Ultra Popular on Wall Street

With the Federal Reserve's hawkish stance to fight sky-high inflation and increasing odds of recession, fundamentally weak stocks may struggle to stay afloat in the near term. Thus, we think...

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1 Stock That Could Help Brighten up Your Portfolio

Market-leading industrial technology company Acuity (AYI) mainly focuses on its portfolio expansion through innovation while keeping up with the market trends. It also returns capital to shareholders through share repurchases...

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Forget SOFI Stock! Try This Other Financial Stock Instead

Shares of SoFi Technologies (SOFI) are down more than 60% in price year-to-date. The company has reported poor second-quarter financials. So, instead of SOFI, we think it may be wise...

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MULN: Things Don't Look Pretty Under the Hood for This Stock

Automobile manufacturer Mullen (MULN) generates zero sales and has incurred massive losses since the inspection. The stock is currently trading nearly 95% below its 52-week high. Moreover, MULN is expected...

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1 Energy Stock That Makes a Great Addition to Your Portfolio

Leading Oil & Gas company APA Corporation (APA) reported impressive second-quarter financials, and the stock has gained in double digits so far this year. The company is well-positioned to witness...

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1 Stock to Store in Your Portfolio Right Now

IT pioneer Pure Storage (PSTG) delivered solid financial results in the second quarter of fiscal 2023, driven by an expanding portfolio of its industry-leading products and services. Moreover, analysts are...