Mark Henricks

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Believe It Seth

Godin twists strange tales into thoughtful advice.

Exception to the Rules

A new book doesn't bend to old business adages.

Dashing Looks

Want to see your company's latest data? A dashboard puts all the information you need in one clear display.

Investors Resume Funding Online Startups

Investors are making a cautious return to online startups.

Objective Edge

Office ombuds help smooth conflicts--without litigation.

The State of Small-Business Funding

From banks to VCs, there's plenty of cash out there for entrepreneurs. But that doesn't mean the road to finding financing has gotten any shorter or smoother.

It's All in Your Head

Free your mind to find new business models.
Growth Strategies

Letting Family Members Go

Is it possible to fire a family member without inciting a feud?
Growth Strategies

Get the Lowdown on Consumer-Directed Health Plans

Inflated health insurance prices are putting the squeeze on your budget, but are consumer-directed plans the way to go?

Bump on a Blog

Don't just sit there--it's time to start blogging!
Growth Strategies

How Time Zones Affect Global Businesses

When your biz spans the globe, it might not feel like time is on your side.

Salary Surge

How does your company fit into the current SMB hiring and salary trends?

Get a Grip on Your To-Do List

Start tackling those tasks on your to-do list with these organizational tips from John Madden.


The power to succeed is at least partly in your hands.

On the Rebound

Did a good employee slip through your fingers? You have a second chance.

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