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6 Retirement-Ready Mistakes 60-Year-Olds Commonly Make

Are you 60 and practically salivating at the idea of retirement? Avoid these common mistakes that can put you into dangerous territory.

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The Best Investment: Telling Debt to Buzz Off. Do You Agree?

Is debt the root of all evil or sunshine on a balmy day? It's funny how experts can be so divided on this issue. What do you think?

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Are You Creditworthy? A Look at What Your Lender Sees (and Does Investing Affect Your Credit?)

Let's get under the microscope of what your lender sees when you apply for loan. Also, does investing and trading affect your credit and vice versa? L...

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You "Cubicle Copied" Your Retirement Plan? Yikes! Why That's a Big Mistake

It's so easy, so tempting to lean over and say to your office buddy, "What box did you check on the retirement forms?" But is it the best idea? Not at...

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Lost Money in the Markets? It's a Good Learning Experience (and Can Make You a Better Investor)

It's always best to take a look at the silver linings, especially when you lose money. Losing money in the stock market can be a great thing (yes, rea...

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5 Retirement Savings Thought Traps (and How to Dodge Them)

It's easy to think, "It's too hard to save" or "I'll never be able to save enough" when it comes to retirement savings. Are you thinking some of these...