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Space Stocks to Buy in This New Era of "Paying Customers"

You know there's change afoot on the final frontier, but how should you take advantage of it? Let's find out with our carefully chosen space stocks.

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3 Stocks to Buy if Russia Invades Ukraine

It's natural to consider defense stocks, which have surged in recent trading sessions amid rising tensions, especially as the rest of the stock market shifts downward.

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3 Armor-Bearing Defensive Stocks to Lean on During Tough Times

Sometimes, you just need good old reliable portfolio pluggers. Here's what you can do to round out a defensive approach.

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3 Brawny International Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio

Whether you're looking to strengthen your portfolio through diversification or create new rivulets toward a raging waterfall of growth (see the symbolism?), international stocks can have a heavy hand in...

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Exercise Stock Winners that Can Do the Heavy Lifting For You

Already abandoned your New Year's resolution to exercise more? Invest in exercise instead! Check out our tips for exercise stocks.

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3 Best Sports Betting Stocks in Light of Next Week's Super Bowl

Think you can't profit off the Super Bowl? Think again. Consider these sports betting stocks ASAP. Since the Super Bowl is imminent (Rams vs. Bengals — next weekend, just in...