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Todd D. Maddocks

Driving Forward

Read part two of our ongoing series on one couple's exciting trek into franchise ownership.

Road to Ambition

What's it really like to buy a franchise? Read part one of our ongoing series following one couple's exciting trek to entrepreneurial success.

Never Seen Anything Like It

This IHOP owner was international enough, but what's a pancake?


How does the thought of turning your businesss into a franchise empire sound?

Buying in Bulk

Whether good or bad, the surest way to quick growth--for you and your franchisor--is a multiunit deal.

Summertime Sell

If you can wait out the winter months, a frozen-dessert franchise could be a hot seller for you, too.

Child's Play

Find some fairly well-off parents who want their tots taught--and plant a Gymboree of your own.
Starting a Business

The Insider

Ever think there must be some secret trick to buying a franchise that you're not privy to? Luckily, our franchise expert is in the know . . . and he's ready to talk.

A New Lease on Life

Aaron's Sales & Lease Ownership has a new look, new loan terms--and openings for new franchisees.

Full Day's Work

Morning's over, but Dunkin' Donuts' sales aren't.

To The Max

Profit from real estate sales, but do none of the selling.

For Richer, for Broker

This isn't selling vintage Cracker Jack boxes on eBay. VR Business Brokers brokers <i>businesses</i>. Get that? Whole businesses!

Write The Wrongs

The story of how one <i>Entrepreneur</i> columnist crashed and burned when he bought a franchise.

Do The Math

Weary taxpayers + good location: Does Jackson Hewitt add up?

Before & After

Is Learning Express still strong, post-Beanie mania?